July 26, 2023

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Keychron is a multinational computer accessories manufacturer famous for its state-of-the-art keyboards and switches. Whether you are a gamer, creator, or office worker, Keychron’s exceptional range of keyboards has got you covered.

Keychron K7 Review

In this article we will reviewing the Keychron K7 which is another addition to the line of innovative and user-friendly keyboards launched by Keychron.

Keychron K7 is a 65% layout keyboard offering a ton of features such as multi-device wireless connectivity and hot-swap to provide a seamless typing experience. With its ultra-thin design, aluminum body, and RGB backlight, it is highly durable and aesthetically pleasant at the same time. 

But Is it worth your money? that's what we will discuses in this Keychron K7 Review.

Let’s find out!

Is Keychron K7 good or bad?

Keychron K7 is a top-of-the-line wireless gaming keyboard loaded with many great features, such as universal compatibility, durability, excellent ergonomics, portability, and a smooth and steady typing experience on the go.

Is Keychron K7 Good Or Bad?

Keychron K7 offers a wide range of customization options, from different keyboard switches to alternate keycaps and RGB and white light settings, all at a reasonable price.

Let’s look at every feature of Keychron K7 in detail!

In the Box 

The packaging of Keychron K7 is designed to make you fall in love with the product at first sight, especially if you love unboxing stuff.]

The box contains your elegant K7 keyboard, a top-notch keycap puller and switch puller, USB-C to USB-A cable, alternate keycaps, and a user manual to guide you through your journey with the keyboard. 


One of the most tempting features of Keychron K7 is its ultra-smooth wireless connectivity with up to 3 devices at once thanks to Bluetooth 5.1 and.

This is a feature that comes in handy for guys who love multitasking.

Battery Life

With its 1550 mAh rechargeable Li-Polymer battery, Keychron K7 can be a portable device to accompany you wherever you go. Keychron Lab tests have proved that K7 can last up to 34 hours before it needs to be charged again.

Even if the battery runs out, you can always connect it to your laptop or tablet via the detachable USB-C to USB-A cable that comes with the box.

You can also prolong the battery life by reducing brightness and turning off the backlight.


Keychron K7 is compatible with all the major operating systems, such as Windows, MacOS, and Linux. It also goes well with most mainstream mobile systems like Android and iOS but a few functions might not work properly.

This broad-range compatibility of K7 ensures that it serves all your typing needs across all devices. You can swap between Windows/Android and Mac/iOS with a single switch on your keyboard.

Moreover, Keychron K7 is the only mechanical keyboard in its price range to provide Mac Multi-media keys and alternate keycaps for both Windows and MacOS. This way, you can customize your keyboard according to your OS.

Build Quality

If you are a seasoned user who works long hours on your keyboard, then the durability of the keyboard might be a big concern for you, but with Keychron K7, you don’t need to worry about that.

With its SGCC galvanized steel plate bottom and reinforced aluminum frame, K7 is one of the most compact and sturdy keyboards on the market. Five rubber pads at its bottom hold the keyboard in its place.

Keycaps are made of ABS plastic, which means more durability but less abrasion resistance. The keys are also prone to wobbling, a flaw more noticeable in the bigger keys.


Keychron K7 has a standard 65% ASNI layout compared to other Keychron products like K3, which has a 75% layout.

Keychron K7 comes loaded with 68 keys and 12 additional macOS multimedia keys.

Switch Options

Keychron gives you the liberty of picking one of the two switch types, namely, Low-Profile Gateron Mechanical or Low-Profile Keychron Optical. Each switch type has several variants to offer a different feel for typing.

Gateron Mechanical Switches come in Red, Blue, and Brown, depending on whether you want your keys to be linear, clicky, or tactile. Similarly, Keychron Optical Switches come in Red, Blue, Brown, Banana, and Mint.

This allows you to customize your keyboard keys according to your taste and preference.

Typing Experience

Keychron understands that every person’s ideal typing experience is different, so they offer several switch options, each with different characteristics.

Some switches, such as Brown Gateron Mechanical, offer a gentle tactile experience, while others, like Blue, offer a clicky noise and feel.

Since the hot-swapping is particularly simple and quick on Keychron K7, you can always fine-tune your keyboard to your needs.

Due to the low-profile design, the pre-travel distance is very short. Keyboard latency can, however, cause some problems for gamers.


For someone who has to work long hours on their keyboards, the amount of strain on their wrists can be a severe issue. Keychron has found a solution to that common problem.

Keychron K7 is designed to provide good ergonomics to the users with its ultra-slim design and two inclined levels at 6° and 9° fitting your ease.

The curved keycaps also assist the typing in the inclined position. K7 does not come with a wrist rest, but judging by its low height, you might not need any wrist rest at all.

RGB Lighting

With its 18 different RGB settings, Keychron K7 takes pride in its top-tier backlight system. Each Key is individually backlit, and you can adjust the brightness of the backlight anytime.

The keyboard is also laden with several RGB effects that can easily be explored right from your keyboard.

Not much of an RGB guy? Then opt for the White LED Backlight Version, and enjoy various modes of the white light, like static white or flashing white.

The floating keycap design is the epitome of aesthetic brilliance in Keychron K7.


Despite all the aforementioned unique features, Keychron K7 comes at a reasonable price especially compared to other Keychron premium keyboards.

You can see the Keychron K7 at Amazon here.

Is the Keychron K7 optical or mechanical?

Keychron K7 is a mechanical keyboard with low-profile Gateron mechanical switches.

However, no need to worry if you are a fan of optical keyboards because Keychron K7 is also compatible with low-profile Keychron optical switches to provide better speed and durability.

What does Keychron K7 do?

Keychron K7 is an excellent keyboard for both office and gaming use. Its sleek design improves your productivity and efficiency and helps you work long hours without getting tired.

Secondly, its wireless connectivity and universal compatibility save you the hassle of shifting from one device to another.

Is Keychron K7 worth the hype?

Yes! Keychron K7 has been received well by users who are calling it an upgrade from the previous versions of the K series of Keychron.

With its innovative and comfy design, Keychron K7 checks most of the boxes to be a high-quality keyboard.


How long does the Keychron K7 battery last?

Once charged, the Keychron K7 battery lasts 30 to 34 hours with the backlight on, and turning off the backlight could further extend the battery life. Moreover, the charging process takes only 3 hours.

What is the difference between K7 and K1 Keychron?

K7 is a 65%, 68-key layout keyboard, while K1 is an 80% tenkeyless 87-key layout keyboard that does not have a number pad. Moreover, the K7 is equipped with two incline options which are missing in K1.

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Is the Keychron K7 hot-swappable?

Yes, Keychron K7 low-profile variant has a hot-swappable feature that lets the users swap the built-in switches with any compatible low-profile optical or low-profile Gateron mechanical switches without breaking a sweat.

What is the difference between Keychron K3 and K7?

Keychron K3 and K7 are two wireless hot-swappable keyboards with similar features, but K3 is a 75% 83-key layout keyboard compared to K7, which has a 65% 68-key layout.

Moreover, K3 has a dedicated F row and a Ctrl button which are absent in K7.

How do I connect my Keychron K7 to my Mac?

Connecting your Keychron K7 to your Mac is simple. You just have to follow a series of simple steps:

  1. Switch the toggle to BT (Bluetooth).
  2. Press Fn + Q or Fn + 1 for a few seconds and the Bluetooth light will turn on.
  3. Turn on the Bluetooth from your Mac and connect with Keychron K7.

Otherwise, you can simply plug in your keyboard via a USB cable and switch the toggle to macOS.


Keychron K7 is a durable multi-purpose compact keyboard engineered to meet the comfort needs of users. Its low-profile design and two different inclined levels best suit office workers who work long shifts.

The latency can be an issue for gamers, a problem that can be solved by opting for Keychron Optical switches. The biggest perk is its long battery life and wireless connectivity, making it the best budget portable keyboard.

For more in-depth keyboard reviews, make sure to keep visiting TheTechSetup.com! 

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