July 19, 2023

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In the market of budget mechanical keyboards, Epomaker has a very good reputation for manufacturing amazing boards.

The Epomaker TH80 received overwhelming appreciation from many enthusiasts, and now the Epomaker TH80 Pro is in the game, and it is even more overpowered.

But is it really worth the hype? That what we will go through in this Epomaker TH80 pro review.

Epomaker TH80 Pro Review

Strong and sturdy build, superb connectivity, amazing typing experience, compatibility with all major operating systems, and a reasonable price tag makes the Epomaker TH80 Pro an excellent and highly recommended keyboard! 

We can't just praise a keyboard due to its hype in the community.

There are several crucial aspects to be considered, and I will be discussing each one of them in detail.

So sit back, relax, and let me tell you all about the Epomaker TH80 Pro, and is it worth it?

In the Box

You get all that you need with the Epomaker TH80 Pro. Inside the box, you will find your beautiful 75% mechanical gaming keyboard, a USB-C to USB-A cable, a 2.4 GHz receiver dongle, Mac modifier keycaps, and an instruction manual.


The Epomaker TH80 Pro is a connectivity beast! You get all possible options to connect this keyboard, and the keyboard supports up to 3 connections at a time.

You can use it with a detachable USB-C cable comfortably on a desk, and you can also use it anywhere either with the built-in Bluetooth 5.0 chipset or through a 2.4 GHz receiver. 


Want to use your keyboard with your Phone or iPad? Or are you a Linux user struggling with a keyboard that is compatible with your OS?

Worry not with the Epomaker TH80 Pro, as you can use it with almost everything.

The compatibility of this keyboard is just great! It is fully compatible with Windows, MacOS, Linux, and also mobile devices using Android and iOS.

However, the Epomaker software that gives you extra control over your keyboard is only compatible with Windows and MacOS. 

Build Quality

Build Quality might just be the most important factor you need to consider! A better build means more durability ensuring your keyboard will last longer.

Epomaker TH80 Pro boasts an impressive and high-quality build! The keyboard casing is made of thick plastic material but it maintains the overall premium feel of the keyboard.

The MDA profiled keycaps are made PBT. The keys also have great stabilizers and negligible rattle or wobbliness.

Lastly, the four rubber strips underneath the keyboard keep it stable and prevent it from slipping as you type. 

Switches & Typing Experience

The overall typing experience is subject to the switches you use on your board.

By default, the Epomaker TH80 Pro comes with linear Epomaker Flamingo switches, linear Gateron Yellow Pro switches, and tactile Epomaker Budgerigar switches.

The overall typing feel of the keyboard is very comfortable.

The keys are perfectly placed for a 75% keyboard design. There is a very minor rattle, as the keyboard has great stabilizers.

Moreover, the MDA profiled keycaps do not blot with oily fingertips and have a drier feeling texture.

The keyboard is hot-swappable, and you can alter the keys very easily with any of your preferred south-facing 3-pin or 5-pin switches to get a more personalized typing experience. 

Gaming Experience

Are you a competitive gamer wanting to buy the Epomaker TH80 Pro? Well, Don't!

The keyboard has above-average latency of 7.0ms with a wired connection, 13.9ms with a receiver, and 23.2ms with Bluetooth.

This can be a formidable barrier for you in trying to reach your ultimate gaming potential.

If you just play games casually, this keyboard works pretty well for almost all games! You can improve it further by using linear switches with lesser actuation distance. 


Good ergonomics on your keyboard can save you from painful wrist sprains and finger fatigue.

The overall ergonomics on this keyboard are just fair, and not pretty impressive.
On the good side, you can use the rubber feet for inclining the keyboard for a more comfortable experience.

The minimum inclination angle is 5.0⁰, the average inclination angle is about 9.5⁰ and the maximum inclination possible is 11⁰

Moreover, the keyboard has a staggered key alignment and a bit high profile which might cause difficulty in reaching all the keys easily.

Furthermore, the TH80 Pro does not come with a wrist rest. So, it is suggested to buy one separately for the best experience.


The backlighting on this keyboard is absolutely a 10 out of 10! You get individually RGB backlit keys and a wide range of amazing RGB effects.

You can customize this lightning with the Epomaker Software and also adjust brightness using the metallic knob on the top-right.


Epomaker TH80 Pro has a very reasonable price when it comes to its super exciting and impressive premium features.

It is not exactly cheap but not expensive as well. Rather, this board is a perfect balance between both.

See the Epomaker TH80 Pro at epomaker here.

Video Suggestion 

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Epomaker TH80 vs TH80 Pro – What is the difference?

The Epomaker TH80 Pro is an upgrade to the already wonderful TH80. Both keyboards are pretty much the same in terms of build quality, connectivity, and compatibility.

However, there are certain differences in their key styles, functionality, and programmability.

The Epomaker TH80 Pro has south-facing LEDs which are better than the north-facing ones on the TH80.

The Pro version has certain unique functionalities as well. For instance, it has the automatic switching of multiple connected computers, a programmable Fn layer, and changing per-key RGB.

What is the battery life of the Epomaker TH80 Pro? 

The battery capacity on this Keyboard is 4000 mAH. Although there is no official battery life information by Epomaker, it is roughly estimated to last an average of 150 hours.

You can check the remaining battery in your keyboard using the Fn key + B.


Epomaker TH80 Pro is a superb keyboard, and I will highly recommend it unless you are a competitive gamer!

It has everything you can get on a budget. It is durable, provides a great typing experience, has beautiful RGB backlight support, and is highly portable.

This is not the last keyboard I will review; there is a lot to come! So keep visiting TheTechSetup.com to find the perfect one for you! Adios. 

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