July 2, 2023

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When it comes to mechanical keyboards, Epomaker and Keychron are two names that you cannot ignore! Epomaker EP84 vs Keychron K2 are two of the most popular keyboards of the two brands, respectively.

Both keyboards equip amazing features. Keychron K2 surpasses Epomaker EP84 with better connectivity, typing experience, and RGB Lighting. But if you are a gamer, Epomaker EP84 will be perfect for you as it has a better latency.

Epomaker EP84 vs Keychron K2

Today, I will be comparing them on important factors you should consider before you buy your new keyboard. May the best keyboard win!

In the Box

Both keyboards are presented in sleekly designed black boxes with a handful of necessities.

Keychron K2: The box will have the Keychron K2, a single USB-A to USB Type-C Cable, 1x keycap puller, and lastly, a user manual.

Epomaker EP84: The box contains your 75% mechanical gaming keyboard, a manual, and a USB-C cable.


Keyboard connectivity is very important. A wireless keyboard is far more portable, which means you can use your keyboard on the go!

Keychron K2: The Keychron K2 can connect up to 3 devices at a time using the highly reliable Broadcom Bluetooth 5.1 chipset. It also has a wired mode with a USB-C cable.

Epomaker EP84: The basic variant of Epomaker EP84 does not support wireless connection, and can be only used with a wire. The wireless connection is a feature exclusive to the Epomaker EP84 Pro.


There are many operating systems, and a keyboard’s ability to support different operating systems is called its compatibility. A good keyboard has support for at least both the Windows and Mac systems.

Keychron K2: Keychron promises its users that the K2 is suitable for all Windows and macOS versions. It also has extra keycaps for using it with either OS.

Epomaker EP84: Similarly like the K2, the Epomaker EP84 is compatible with Windows and macOS. Its drivers are readily available on their official website.

Build Quality

Do you want your keyboard to last longer? Well, don't compromise on its build quality even a little. A stronger build makes your keyboard durable and less prone to physical damage.

Keychron K2: The Keychron K2 is well-built with an aluminum frame providing a solid foundation. The keys are also stable and don't wobble too much, making the overall feel of the keyboard sturdy and durable.

However, some reviewers claim that the double-shot ABS keycaps are the weakest part of the build, as they don’t really go well with the premium look of the keyboard. Overall, the build quality of the Keychron K2 is good, but it's not perfect.

Secondly, you can get the plastic frame version as well, if you want to save some money. But again, the main body will consist of ABS, which isn't very durable.

Epomaker EP84: The Epomaker EP84 has a relatively strong build. The keycaps use PBT plastic, which is a more durable material than ABS plastic. Moreover, the keycaps are able to withstand dust, water, and abrasion.

But, stabilizers, that prevent keys from rattling, are not very well lubed on the Epomaker EP84 and may cause rattling. 

Typing Performance

Well, everybody types with their keyboard, and who wouldn’t want their typing experience to be excellent? Keyboards come with different variants of switches and typing experience is highly dependent on that.

Keychron K2: Keychron provides a keyboard with options for Gateron G Pro switches. The keyboard gives an amazing typing feel once you get used to it. I suggest going for the blue or brown switches if you're a typist.

Epomaker EP84: Epomaker also provides options for different Gateron switches, and is reviewed to give a great typing experience. Again, you have the blue and brown switch options here.

Gaming Experience

Well, the real charm of mechanical keyboards is felt when you are playing a game. The gaming experience is extremely important, especially if you are a pro gamer.

Keychron K2: It is excellent for casual gaming. However, a slightly higher latency even in wired use may not be preferred for competitive gaming.

Epomaker EP84: Considered one of the finest 75% gaming keyboards, Epomaker EP84 surpasses the K2 when it comes to the gaming experience. 


Have you ever experienced wrist or finger fatigue after intense keyboard usage? That can be prevented by being careful about the keyboard ergonomics.

Keychron K2: The ergonomics are good in the K2. You get a 9° typing angle which is nice. Having said that, it is better to buy a wrist rest as well.

Epomaker EP84: The keyboard has a straight design and a small inclination angle. Again, it is advised to externally attach a wrist rest for better ergonomics.

RGB Lighting

The RGB lights on your keyboard make it more aesthetic playing a vital role in enhancing your experience.

Keychron K2: Keychron K2 is fully RGB supported with individually-lit keys. It has 18 different RGB light styles to match your mood.

Epomaker EP84: The keyboard provides you with a choice of 19 different light patterns, out of which 12 are a variant of RGB and 7 are single-color.


Both keyboards, Epomaker EP84, and Keychron K2 are available in a affordable price range, easily justified by their extensive features.

Overall Winner

For all its amazing features such as wireless connectivity, good compatibility, fine gaming experience, aluminum built, a superior typing experience, great RGB backlight support, and reasonable pricing. I declare Keychron K2 as an overall winner!

See the Keychron K2 at amazon here.


Is Keychron K2 the best?

In this comparison, Keychron K2 is a clear winner. Moreover, its positive reviews, high demand, and extensive set of features really set it apart from all its competitors.

But if you're wondering if it is the best mechanical keyboard overall, then the answer would be in the negative. 

What is the best alternative to Keychron K2?

Keychron K6 and Keychron K4 are amazing alternatives to the Keychron K2. Moreover, you can consider Epomaker EP84 and Royal Kludge RK84 as great alternatives.

Also, do check out my comparison between the EP84 and RK84

How long does the Keychron K2 last?

With a very large battery of 4000 mAH, the Keychron K2 will last up to 240 hours (backlight off) of continuous usage.

And as for its lifespan, then it will last for many years to come, especially the aluminum version. 


Both Epomaker EP84 and Keychron K2 are great mechanical keyboards. However, I would recommend Keychron K2 over the EP84. It is highly portable, has a sturdy build, and will provide you with your desired gaming and typing experience.

This comparison was fun, wasn't it? Well, that's not the end of it! For more exciting comparisons and all about keyboards, stay tuned with the TheTechSetup. 

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