May 20, 2023

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Holy Panda Switches have always been admired by fans. They are some of the best you can get and have great performance. The Drop Holy Panda X Switch is an iteration of the original.

Drop Holy Panda X Switch Review

Drop Holy Panda X has been redesigned from the ground up and has greatly reduced stem wobble and improved consistency across the board. Its tactile nature makes it a great option for typists, programmers, and casual gamers alike. Moreover, its lifespan is 50–100 million keystrokes, which is more than enough.

This is just a small portion of its features. Below is an in-depth analysis of this switch and the reasons why you should choose it. I'll also answer some common questions people have regarding the Drop Holy Pandas.

Are Drop Holy Panda Switches worth it?

Yes, the Drop Holy Panda switches are excellent for gaming, typing, and programming. They are light, fast, and have satisfying tactile feedback.

Drop Holy Panda Switches

Drop’s version of the Holy Panda has a polycarbonate top and a nylon bottom. The stem is made out of POM, making for a strong build.

These Holy Panda X switches are lightly lubed out of the box. The lube is thinner, which leaves room for you to lube them to your liking.

They are also a bit bouncier and snappier. They weigh around 60 g and have quick actuation and a short pre-travel.

With that technical talk out of the way, let's move our review forward and look at the best features of the Drop Holy Pandas switches now. 

1. Refined Tactility

Compared to other switches that claim to be the “Holy Panda,” these actually have the best tactile feeling. If you like the snappy, tactile feel of the Glorious Panda, you’ll love the HPX even more.

The snappy spring and the smoother bump make it an excellent tactile switch through and through.

It’s great for typing for hours on end. It’s tactile enough to give you that satisfying "click-clack" sound with each keypress, but it never causes any sort of fatigue.

It’s an excellent upgrade for someone who’s planning on getting into custom keyboard building, as these switches are compatible with MX-style plate mounting.

2. Consistent Keystrokes

Consistency is another thing that I really like about these switches. All of the keys feel the same upon pressing. Even after several weeks of use, the switches never lose their initial snappiness.

This consistency is often overlooked on a long-term basis. Some switches are great when you buy them, but they tend to degrade over time.

But that's not the case with Drop Holy Panda X. These switches will feel the same as they did on day one, even after years of use.

This is something you can’t say for every switch out there. So it’s good to see that Drop is serious about keystroke consistency.

3. Long Lifespan

The lifespan of mechanical switches depends on several factors, such as usage, maintenance, and manufacturing quality.

Now, due to a strong structure and improved stem stability, the Drop Holy Panda X is rated for 50–100 million keystrokes. This guarantees that these switches will last for a very long time.

However, there have been some cases where Drop’s previous switches fell prey to key chattering. That was mostly because those switches were over-lubed.

They have learned their lesson here with the HPX, and fortunately, it’s not something to worry about. The Holy Panda X should last you quite a while. 

4. Good for Gaming, Typing, and Programming

Thanks to its refined tactility, consistent keystrokes, and long lifespan, the Holy Panda X is excellent for a variety of purposes.

Writers and programmers will appreciate the accuracy and precision, while casual gamers will also appreciate them.

These switches are comfortable yet snappy at the same time. This makes them incredibly enjoyable for all the use cases we discussed above.

If you get used to this tactile switch, you might even improve your typing speed.

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5. Compatibility

These switches can be easily set up on MX-style plate-mounted mechanical keyboards. If the keyboard is hot-swappable, then it will make things even smoother.

All you will have to do is remove the existing keys with the switch puller and insert the Drop Holy Pandas carefully.

Why are Drop Holy Pandas so expensive?

Because. Firstly, the manufacturing process of these switches is quite complex, which drives up the price. Secondly, the Drop Holy Pandas X is an exclusive item and is not widely available.

Combine that with the high demand, and you have a premium-priced product. Also, in terms of quality, Drop Holy Pandas are one of the best tactile switches available on the market.

Why Are Drop Holy Pandas So Expensive?

They have better stem stability, reliable lubrication, and very consistent keystrokes. Besides, they are compatible with several keyboards as well.

These factors make them a bit more expensive than your average tactile switch. But from what we have heard, they are worth your money. 

Are Drop Holy Pandas loud?

Yes, Drop Holy Pandas X is one of the louder tactile switches. They are loud because they have a “THOC” sound. They are louder than most tactile switches, like Cherry MX Browns and others.

If you're at a public gathering, then I'd advise against using them. Their sound can be very annoying, to be honest. However, lubricating them does help, but over-lubing will take away their tactile feel.

In conclusion, if you are switching from linear switches and want a switch that isn't very loud, then don't go for Drop Holy Pandas. They are not as loud as the Cherry MX Blues. But, pretty loud for a tactile switch nonetheless.

What is the travel distance of Holy Panda X?

The Holy Panda X Switch have a travel distance of 4mm, providing just the right amount of resistance to make every key press precise and deliberate.

This allows gamers to quickly and accurately execute complex maneuvers in games without any delay or error.

In addition, its actuation force of 67g ensures that only intentional keystrokes are recognized, preventing accidental input from disrupting gameplay.

Overall, the Holy Panda X Switch's impressive travel distance is just one of many features that makes it a top choice for gamers.

Do you need to lube Drop Holy Pandas?

It is recommended to lube them because if they are not lubed properly, they produce a ping-like sound that is quite loud.

They are lightly oiled but definitely need some more oiling to make them usable in offices. Many people have said that moderately lubricating the Drop Holy Pandas will make them sound perfect.

But before doing that, do see a guide on how to properly lubricate keyboard switches.


The Drop Holy Pandas X switches offer one of the best tactile switch experiences. They have all the features checked. Whether it's a clean tactile feel, keystroke consistency, a long life span, or something else, these switches have got you covered.

They do cost a bit more because of their exclusivity. But, considering the quality and value it provides, it's worth the investment.

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