August 8, 2023

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A beginner’s passionate dream, a programmer’s most loyal companion, a gamer’s strongest weapon, and a typist’s utopia - Mechanical keyboards are loved by everyone.

What is it that makes Mechanical keyboards so special?

Well, their exclusive typing and gaming experience, premium feel, aesthetic look, and whatnot? And, this is why I have come up with the 8 best mechanical keyboards for everyone after ample research!

Best Mechanical Keyboards

I will recommend Keychron Q6 as the best mechanical keyboard overall. Then comes SteelSeries Apex Pro TKL for gaming, Durgod Taurus K320 for typing, Drop CTRL for programming, Keychron K10 for being budget-friendly, GMMK TKL for modularity, and Epomaker TH80 for its compactness.

The market of Mechanical keyboards is extremely saturated with a lot of competition. So, deciding which one will be the best for you can be a very daunting and challenging feat.

Well, that’s where I can help you because of my experience and deep research!

Best Mechanical Keyboard

Some people don’t settle for anything less than the ultimate best, and if you are one of them just buy the Keychron Q6. Not many keyboards come close to this masterpiece by Keychron!

Keychron Q6 is a full-sized board with almost everything you can look for in a mechanical keyboard!

The keyboard has a strong and stable build quality with a full metal casing, OSA profiled double shot PBT keycaps, and rubber feet to prevent slippage during typing.

Best Mechanical Keyboard

The double gasket mounted design with an extra layer of sound-dampening foam provides an unprecedented and unparalleled relaxed sensation as you type. The latency of this keyboard is also decent, making it an excellent fit for casual gaming.

Moreover, the Keychron Q6 is readily usable with devices running on all operating systems, it also has a beautiful range of RGB backlighting support, software support for customization, and is hot-swappable.

However, the only downsides to this otherwise perfect keyboard are the inability to connect it wirelessly, and the lack of emphasis on ergonomics.

You can only use this keyboard using a detachable USB data cable and might need to buy an external wrist rest.

Best Mechanical Keyboard for Gaming

Are you a serious competitive game freak? Does quick reaction and fast on-screen response matter to you the most? Well, the SteelSeries Apex Pro TKL is the perfect keyboard for you.

Claimed as “The Next Leap in mechanical keyboards” and holding the record for being the World’s bestselling TKL keyboard, this keyboard is absolutely out of this world!

The keyboard has an esports-ready ten-key less design and comes equipped with currently the world’s fastest mechanical switches, Omni Point 2.0, which are 11x faster than standard mechanical switches. 

Best Mechanical Keyboard For Gaming

Moreover, The Apex Pro TKL keyboard provides insane customization specially curated to maximize your gaming potential.

You can adjust sensitivity for each individual key within the range of 0.2mm to 3.8mm, and can also map more than one function to a single key for powerful gaming shortcuts.

The keyboard also has an OLED display, a clickable metal roller, media keys, an attached wrist rest, adjustable height support, dynamic RGB backlighting, and software support for customization.

The Apex Pro TKL also supports wired connections only, making this keyboard less portable and not very travel friendly. 

Best Mechanical Keyboard for Typing

Some of you might be programmers, or content writers who would prioritize typing comfort over everything, and for that, the optimal choice for you will be the Durgod Taurus K320 TKL Keyboard.

The keyboard is really well built with a hard plastic body, double-shot PBT keycaps, and great stabilization of keys. It has a ten-key less compact design which makes it easier to carry around.

The real charm of this keyboard lies in its super satisfying typing experience, you get a very smooth and relaxed sensation while typing on this keyboard which is further enhanced by using the Cherry MX Brown variant that provides amazing tactile feedback. 

Best Mechanical Keyboard For Typing

The keys on this board are perfectly placed so you don’t need to worry about finger strains and fatigues.

Moreover, keystrokes especially with the Cherry MX Brown switches, and the Silent Red ones make almost negligible sound making this keyboard a perfect fit for use in offices and shared spaces.

The keyboard also provides substantial control and customization options. You can program macros for all 87 keys on the board using the associated software.

The two downsides of this board are a lack of backlighting support and no wireless connection.

Best Mechanical Keyboard for Programming

Want to get the perfect keyboard for programming which doesn't compromise on looks and features? Look no further than Drop CTRL!

Long story short, the Drop CTRL is a complete package. The solid aluminum body along with hot-swappable sockets and customizable RGB makes this TKL board aesthetically pleasing.

Best Mechanical Keyboard For Programming

As for programming, this board comes with multiple switch options but you can go for Cherry MX Browns or Blues for a better experience.

The board is fully programmable via QMK. This means you can set key macros and do key mapping as per your preference. The double-shot PBT keycaps just add to the typing pleasure and you won't feel any delay thanks to a good latency rate.

The keyboard isn't wireless which can be considered its only con. But apart from that, it slays the competition. 

Best Budget Mechanical Keyboard

Extremely premium mechanical keyboards can cost you a fortune and it is not easy to afford one for most of the people. However, if you are in a budget crunch, Keychron K10 is there to make your mechanical keyboard wish come true!

Keychron is well known for creating budget-friendly keyboards, and their K series of keyboards is already much appreciated by keyboard enthusiasts from all domains. 

The full-sized keyboard is available in both the aluminum build variant and the plastic base variant. It also uses ABS keycaps and has rubber feet to prevent itself from slipping as you type. 

Best Budget Mechanical Keyboard

Moreover, the keyboard comes equipped with Gateron switches that are superb overall.

Keychron K10 also supports connecting multiple devices at a time using the built-in Bluetooth or 2.4 GHz receiver that comes along. It is also compatible with all major operating systems and mobile devices.

The keyboard has individually RGB backlit keys with a wide range of aesthetic RGB effects, and media keys to control them.

All in all, the Keychron K10 is an excellent feature-rich keyboard for a very reasonable price.

Best Modular Mechanical Keyboard

Modular keyboards give you the ability to disassemble and assemble the mechanical keyboard, interchange components, reconfigure settings, and customize functionalities.

The ultimate winner when it comes to is the Glorious Modular Mechanical Keyboard (GMMK) TKL.

The Glorious Modular Mechanical Keyboard is considered the world’s first-ever utterly modular keyboard. It has thousands of positive reviews from fans and is loved by its users. 

Best Modular Mechanical Keyboard

The keyboard has a very minimalistic design which offers an overall great look.

The modular structure of the keyboard allows you to use any combination of mechanical switches from renowned brands such as Cherry, Gateron, and Kaih without any soldering.

You can also alter the keycaps on this board without any hassle. If you are really picky about your preferences, this keyboard is an excellent choice for you.

Best 1800-layout Mechanical Keyboard

1800-layout reduces the space that a keyboard covers by eliminating all the extra spaces and navigational keys above arrow keys, in most cases. The best 1800-layout mechanical keyboard is the Keychron Q5.

Keychron Q5 is made to last with double-shot PBT keycaps and a solid steel base. The keyboard also has a very good typing experience, and great acoustics making it excellent for office use. 

Best 1800-Layout Mechanical Keyboard

Moreover, the keyboard has excellent dynamic backlighting for each key giving the board an overall premium vibe.

There are several additional features as well, such as having 6+ different profiles with on-board memory, and numerous customization options.

The keyboard cannot connect without a wire (there's a wireless version though) and is also not compatible with mobile devices running on Android and iOS.

Best Compact Mechanical Keyboard

Do you carry your keyboard with you a lot? Do you like an uncluttered and clean desk with excess space? Well, you need to buy a compact keyboard and you won't find much better than the Epomaker TH80 Pro.

Epomaker TH80 Pro is a 75% mechanical keyboard, hence its size is super compact. It also supports wireless connection, and multiple connections at the same time which makes this keyboard extremely portable as you can use it anywhere and anytime. 

Sensational typing experience, fairly good ergonomics, superb RGB backlighting, strong and sturdy build, compatibility with all major operating systems and mobile devices, good battery life, and affordable price makes it an optimal compact board choice.

Best Compact Mechanical Keyboard

The only disadvantage of this otherwise magnificent keyboard is its relatively higher latency which makes this keyboard not the best fit for serious competitive gamers.

However it is still pretty decent if you are a casual gamer, and response timing does not matter to you much. 


What is the best mechanical keyboard out there right now?

The best mechanical keyboard in my opinion would be the Keychron Q6. With this board, you get an excellent typing experience, great gaming experience, superb build quality, and an overall premium look with great lighting effects.

Another notable mention includes the SteelSeries Apex Pro TKL which is believed to be the fastest mechanical keyboard in the world. And as you'd expect, the gaming experience with this one is unmatched.

Lastly, The Epomaker TH80 Pro makes it to the list because of its compact design, versatile compatibility, solid and strong build quality, and aesthetic appeal. 

Which company has the best mechanical keyboards?

There are a lot of companies competing in the market of mechanical keyboards and picking a single one can be difficult. However, among the best, there are Keychron, Logitech, Razer, and SteelSeries.


Keychron is ultimately the choice for many for its highly affordable and features extensive keyboards. Their K-Series and Q-Series keyboards are two of the most popular and widely loved in the market.


Logitech is another company that is loved for its premium gaming keyboards, excellent build quality, and a vast range of features. Currently, the Logitech G915 is one of their most trending products.


Lastly, SteelSeries and Razer have gained substantial validation from their huge fan base for providing quality keyboards.

Their keyboards are of great quality, have extensive features, and are especially loved for their good gaming experience. 

What Keyboards do pro gamers use?

The ideal choice for professional competitive gamers is mechanical keyboards with linear switches due to their faster actuation.

Moreover, gamers usually prefer ten-key less, 75% or 60% layouts over full keyboard layouts because they don’t have much to do with extra keys such as numeric keypads.

These compact layouts are way more comfortable as gamers can easily reach every key. It also gives them enough desk space to move the mouse freely.

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Is a mechanical keyboard better for gaming?

Yes! Mechanical keyboards are the best for gaming. They are much better than membrane keyboards and have multiple layouts and switch options.

For instance, if you don't prefer a full layout, you can opt for TKL, 75%, 65%, or even 60%. These won't only make you more comfortable but can also improve your gaming over time.

Secondly, linear and speed switches also contribute to enhancing your movement or shooting speed in-game. I have discussed numerous times that every second matters in gaming, and therefore, you need to have the perfect key switches to work with.

All in all, mechanical keyboards are used by almost all the pro gamers and they won't be replaced any time soon. 

What is the most suitable mechanical keyboard to type on?

Using any mechanical keyboard with tactile or clicky switches will provide you with the most satisfying typing sensation.

Both of these switches provide a tactile bump and some noise indicating the switch actuation. Clicky switches are a little too noisy sometimes and this is the reason office workers don't prefer them.

On the other hand, tactile switches are the perfect middle ground between clicky and linear switches. They are considerably quicker and less noisy than the clicky ones.

That being said, find out if linear switches are good for typing or not.

What is the best size mechanical keyboard?

The best size depends on your usage. If you're a gamer, you would prefer a compact size like 75%, 65%, or 60%. Typists and programmers will usually prefer Ten-key less, 96%, or full layouts.

But you aren't bound to use only these ones. Many pro gamers use full keyboards while numerous typists use a 75% keyboard. In the end, it's all about your preference.

Are there alternative mechanical keyboards worth considering?

Yes, the options of good mechanical keyboards are limitless. Some good alternatives that you may consider are the Akko 5075B Keyboard, the Royal Kludge RK-84, the Corsair K95, and the Keychron V6.

All of these keyboards are great for both typing and gaming. They also have RGB support and are compatible with multiple platforms. You'll also get software support for customization along with good latency.

The price tag might vary and this is also the reason why I suggested multiple alternatives.


Everyone loves mechanical keyboards, but deciding which one is ideal for your needs is not easy at all. This is the reason why I recommended different mechanical keyboards for various uses.

The Keychron Q6 is the overall best keyboard at present, while for gaming Apex Pro by Steel Series is the best. There are other good ones depending on different criteria like whether you're on a budget or you want a specific layout, and so on.

To know more about the best mechanical keyboards and switches, keep visiting TheTechSetup.com

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