May 7, 2023

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Linear switches are undoubtedly extremely fast, but what if you could dampen their minimal sound even more and make them swift and smooth? Now that will require some lubrication. And therefore, I have come up with a list of the best factory lubed linear switches for you all.

The best factory lubed linear switches come from brands like Gateron, Akko, JWK, and Glorious, which don't need any introduction. These switches are carefully hand-lubed or machine-lubed to perfection. The sound and feel of each keystroke are as pleasing as they can get. Besides, the speed of pre-lubed switches is higher than that of those without any oiling.

Best Factory Lubed Linear Switches

The reviews and FAQ section at the end come from someone who has personally tried a variety of lubed linear switches.

7 Best Factory Lubed Linear Switches

I have compiled this list after some deep research and going through the reviews of those who have been using these switches for a long time. And you can be assured that all of them have top-quality performance.

Some of the options might be a little expensive, so get the one that is more affordable for you. Lastly, this list is in no particular order. All of these switches are second to none.

1. Gateron G Yellow Pro Switch

Gateron G Yellow is a 3-pin pre-lubed linear switch and is one of the best in the business. It literally feels like butter upon pressing, and as you'd expect, gamers love it. 

Gateron G Yellow Pro Switch

The pre-travel of the G Yellow Pro is the regular 2 mm, while the total travel is 4 mm. Moreover, the operating force is just 50 mm, which you won't even feel because of the swiftness.

The switch features antioxidant gold contacts and an upgraded stem, adding to its durability and overall stability. You will feel no wobble whatsoever while registering the keystrokes.

Overall, an excellent choice, to say the least.

2. Akko CS Wine Red Switch

The Wine Red switches are lubed with Krytox GPL105 and Krytox GPL-205 G0. If the Gateron G Yellow is slower for you, then this switch should be your next stop.

Akko CS Wine Red (Lubed)

It has an operating force of just 43 grams, while pre-travel and total distance are 1.9 mm and 4 mm, respectively. Hands down, this is worth your money if you're a serious gamer.

It's both LED and SMD compatible, and its lifespan is 60 million keystrokes.

Due to their MX-style structure, these switches are compatible with the majority of cross-stem keycaps.

3. Gateron G 2.0 White Switch

The G Pro 2.0 White switch is the successor to its G Pro variant. It has an upgraded mold with a dynamic lighting effect. Moreover, these are 3-pin switches but are compatible even with a 5-pin MX mechanical keyboard.

Gateron G White Pro 2.0 Pre-lubed Switches

The spring noise is reduced even more in this version, and the backlighting has been improved.

As for the specs, these switches are extremely quick, with an operating force of just 38 grams. Meanwhile, the pre-travel and total distance are the same as on the G Pro Yellow.

The G Pro 2.0 White switches will comfortably last for no less than 80 million keystrokes. If you're a gamer, this means hundreds of gaming sessions.

4. JWK JWICK V2 Black Switch

Jwick V2 Black falls into the affordable switch options. Moreover, this one comes with two spring weights. You can either get a lighter 58.5 g bottom force or a slightly heavier 63.5 g one.

JWK JWICK V2 Black Switch

The pre-travel for both of these springs is 42 g and 45 g, respectively.

These are factory lubed with accuracy and have a long operating lifespan of 60 million keystrokes. The mount type of these is 5-pin, while the stem falls into the POM category.

The top and bottom housings are both made from nylon. It's a very decent option in the price range that it comes in.

5. Gateron Pro Silver Switch

Gateron Pro Silver is like the other silver switches: fast and linear. On top of that, the lubrication just adds to the speed, making your reactions while gaming or glide-typing even faster.

Gateron Pro Silver Switch

This one has an operating force of just 45 grams, and the total travel is 3.4 mm.

The lifespan is 80 million keystrokes, making sure the switches are there by your side for many years.

The great thing about the Pro Silvers is that they are both dust-proof and antioxidant making them more durable. 

6. Akko Matcha Green Switch

The Match Green switch has a satisfying and distinct typing feel thanks to the progressive coil spring. It's a 3-pin switch that can easily fit any keycap with the standard MX structure.

Akko Matcha Green pre-lubed Switch

The actuation force for this one is 50 grams, which is good. Likewise, the pre-travel is just less than 2.0 mm at 1.9 mm.

However, the switch feels much quicker and smoother due to the lubrication.

If you want a switch similar to the Wine Red but slightly heavier, then go for these. 

7. Glorious Lynx Switch

Last but not least, we have the Lynx switch by Glorious. The brand claims that you'll get next-level typing experience with these switches, and your finger just won't get enough! And, I agree with that.

Glorious Lynx Lubed Switch

Glorious uses a flexible and soft POM stem for extra smoothness and buttery actuation. These switches come pre-lubed with G-Lube, making the keystrokes feel even silkier.

Furthermore, the Lynx switches are compatible with both the GMMK and the GMMK Pro models. These are some of the more premium switches that you can get. Their spring is nickel-plated and sourced from Korea.

On the other hand, the premium-grade copper leaf comes all the way from Japan. So yes, these switches are bound to last a long time!

What are the best-lubed switches keyboard?

Many keyboards come with lubed switches, so it's not easy to name just one or two.


Nevertheless, I'd recommend going for the ROYALAXE X ProtoArc 60% keyboard that comes with the Gateron G Pro Yellow switches. 

What Are The Best-Lubed Switches Keyboard?

Apart from that, there are options like the Keychron K2 and Keychron C2 that come with the Gateron G Pro Red lubed switches.

Furthermore, the Glorious GMMK 2 is one of the best 65% gaming keyboards out there, and it comes with the pre-lubed Glorious Fox linear switches.

How To Choose The Best Pre-Lubed Linear Switches?

How To Choose The Best Pre-Lubed Linear Switches?

There are certain factors to keep in mind while choosing the best pre-lubed linear switches for your keyboard.

Starting with the type of keyboard and ending at the manufacturer, let's take a look at the eight important things to consider while buying these key switches. 

1. Use of the Keyboard

Will you be using your gaming only for games, or do you need to type a lot as well? This is an essential point to consider.

If you're someone who loves gaming or glide typing, then getting medium-to-lightweight switches will be ideal.

Secondly, if you want to play games and type with some accuracy, then I recommend going for the heavy linear switches. 

2. Type of Linear Switch

Mainly, there will be light and heavy linear switches. The difference between the two isn't much; however, the latter is a little more accurate, while the former is ideal for gaming.

3. Actuation Point

Check out the actuation point of the switch before buying it. The actuation point is basically the spot where the keystroke is registered, and it's anywhere between 1-2 mm for linear switches.

It's difficult to differentiate the total travel and actuation point in linear switches due to the lack of a tactile bump. But still, it increases or decreases a switch's speed. 

4. Travel Distance

Linear switches will usually have a pre-travel of 40–50 mm and a total distance of 55–60 grams. If you want some speedy actuations, then go for a switch with a low travel distance. 

5. Switch Stem

The switch stem is in contact with the keycap, and it actuates the switch. Make sure you're getting one that has no tactile feedback. They will mostly be round in shape. 

6. Switch Housing

The switch housing not only holds the stem but also determines the output of RGB lights. If the housing is transparent, the colors will be brighter. If it's opaque, this won't be the case. 

7. Switch Mounting

Plate-mounted switches are more durable as they are mounted to a metal plate with the PCB underneath. Contrarily, in PCB mounting, the switch is mounted to the PCB directly.

5-pin switches are PCB-mounted, while the 3-pin ones are plate-mounted.

8. The Brand of the Switch

I suggest buying mechanical switches from a renowned brand to avoid low-quality products. You can consider Cherry, Gateron, Akko, Glorious, and more of the like.


Can you get pre-lubed switches?

Yes, you can get pre-lubed switches both online and from a keyboard store. Moreover, you can buy them in packs of 30, 60, or even 100 if you like. Just make sure their lifespan is at least 50 million keystrokes for some good durability.

Is it worth Lubing linear switches?

It depends on the type of feeling you are after. If you want a switch that is soft, fast, quiet, and practically frictionless, then lubricate your switches. It increases the speed of the switch, gives a smooth experience while pressing the keys, and makes them even quieter.

Do you need to lube factory lubed switches?

Again, it comes down to personal preference. The factory-lubed switches are not heavily lubed. The companies lubricate them lightly or just a bit more than that. However, if you want to lubricate the switches further, then feel free to apply the lubricant. I'd advise you to watch some tutorials before trying the process. 

Are lubed switches better for gaming?

People have different opinions regarding this. Some say that lubed switches feel too damp and mushy, which doesn't feel good. Meanwhile, others say that lubing makes the switches faster and smoother. So, I'd ask you to try out both the lubed and unlubed switches before buying them to experience how they'd feel.

Should you clean pre-lubed switches?

Yes, you should clean them. If you don't, dust will start to build up, eventually halting the lifespan of the switch. However, if you can get dust-proof switches, then it will be much better. Nevertheless, you'll have to clean them from time to time.

What are the best premium linear switches?

There are many great premium linear switches that you can get. Brands like Cherry, Gateron, Akko, JWK, Glorious, Kailh, and many others have been in this market for a long time and continue to make top-quality mechanical keyboard switches.

To name a few, there are the Cherry MX Red, Kailh Speed Silver, Gateron Yellows, and some others. The sound and typing feel will differ for different switches, but all of them provide a terrific experience. 

Are factory lubed switches good?

The factory lubed switches are great because they are very long-lasting and give a much more consistent feel upon pressing. Besides, they are faster, quieter, and smoother as well. These switches are professionally lubricated, either by hand or with a machine.

The switches that come unlubed can be lubricated as well. If you buy a switch that wasn't lubed but now you've decided to give it some oiling, then it's not a very difficult process.


We hope that this article has helped you decide on the best factory lubed linear switch for your needs. Whatever type of keyboard and gaming setup you have, there is a factory lubed linear switch out there to fit it perfectly.

Whether you want something lightweight and silent or heavy-duty with great tactile feedback, these switches are sure to give any mechanical keyboard enthusiast the performance they need.

So take some time to compare different models and find the perfect one for your setup today!

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