July 4, 2023

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Do you love your personal desk space? A TKL Keyboard is exactly what you need! Ten-key-less keyboards, as the name suggests, eliminate the numeric keypad from the right side of your keyboard having 10 fewer keys on the board.

But are TKL keyboards good for programming?

Yes! ten-key-less keyboards are pretty good for programming, the smaller size saves up desk space and makes them easier to carry. Moreover, they also provide formidable customization options and have a more ergonomic design. They are highly recommended, and better than 60% keyboards for coding.

Are TKL Keyboards Good For Programming?

The keyboard is a programmer's weapon, as programming requires continuous usage, faster typing speed, and a lot of focus on symbols and numerics.

TKL keyboards are a good fit for programmers for their considerable amount of benefits as the 4 mentioned below.

1. Compactness

The lack of numeric keyboards makes the design very compact. Providing better reachability to all keys and also significantly reduces the strain on your fingers even after long hours of coding.

2. Improved Ergonomics

The smaller size of the keyboard promotes a more natural and user-friendly typing experience.

With no numeric keypad, you can also place your mouse close to your keyboard which minimizes repetitive strain. It also helps a programmer to easily switch between tabs and code files.

3. Travel Friendly

The compact design of ten-key-less keyboards makes them lighter and easy to carry. If you work on multiple desks or travel around frequently, TKL keyboards are exactly what you need!

They can also easily fit into your laptop bags, and backpacks so you can code no matter where you are.

4. Customization Options

TKL keyboards provide a great degree of customizability, you can create macros, change layouts and remap keys as per your needs.

This can significantly improve your programming productivity, and help in streamlining your workflow.

What is the best TKL keyboard for programmer?

The market of TKL keyboards is pretty vast, and there are many good options available. My personal favorite for programming is the SteelSeries Apex 3 TKL RGB keyboard.

This is a budget-friendly mechanical keyboard and comes with Whisper Quiet (Tactile & silent) and Hybrid Blue (Tactile & clicky) switch options.

SteelSeries 3 TKL Keyboard

The keyboard features 8-zone RGB illumination and is water and dust-resistant. Moreover, its anti-ghosting technology makes sure that each of your keypresses is registered the moment you press the switch.

What is the best TKL keyboard for programmer?

There's also a multimedia controller and a three-way cable routing.

With a highly durable build, lightweight design, and great typing experience, the Apex 3 TKL is one of the best keyboards for programmers. 

What type of keyboards are best for programming?

Mechanical keyboards are the go-to option of all avid programmers, for their strong build, best typing experience, anti-ghosting, N-key rollover, super long-lasting lifespan, and overall great user experience.

What Type Of Keyboards Are Best For Programming?

There are many variants of mechanical keyboards depending on their design. The ten-key-less keyboards are a very good option. Their compact and ergonomic design makes them portable, enhances user experience, and provides a great typing feel.

Another good option is the 75% keyboards. Their design is even more compact than TKLs, providing a higher degree of portability.

But adapting to their use is a bit hard due to the lack of certain functional keys such as the Page-up and Page-down keys.

Some programmers would still prefer full keyboards, prioritizing having 104 keys over portability and compactness. People who have a habit of using Num-pad often go for a full board.

Is Logitech G915 good for Programming?

Yes! The Logitech G915 is a recommended TKL board for programmers. It has a very strong and sturdy build, fully customizable RGB backlights, dedicated macro keys, and a top-notch typing experience.

Logitech G915

This significantly enhances your coding experience and increases your programming productivity. Besides, it is a wireless keyboard which makes it even better. There's a wired option as well if someone prefers that.

Is Logitech G915 Good For Programming?

Moreover, you get multiple options for switches. As always, I'd suggest going for the tactile switches for programming or typing. Clicky switches are also great but they are very noisy.

The keyboard can handle games for 40 hours on one charge. So, if you use it only for programming, it will last much longer.

Why do people prefer TKL keyboards?

There are multiple reasons why someone would prefer TKL keyboards over others for programming. The main reason is of course the portability and compact design. This saves your desk space and makes the board easy to carry to your office or workplace.

Why Do People Prefer TKL Keyboards?

Secondly, the keyboards have an unmatchable typing experience. Simply get the tactile switches with a good TKL keyboard like the Apex 3 or G915, and you'll see for yourself.

The overall look of the keyboard is also aesthetically pleasing. The absence of a numeric pad makes your workspace look a little uncluttered by saving some space.

best keyboard size for programming

The best keyboard size for programming is undoubtedly a contentious topic, with passionate programmers endorsing various choices.

However, after careful consideration and analysis, it becomes evident that the ideal keyboard size for programming lies in the realm of compactness.

A smaller form factor allows developers to maintain their hands within a comfortable reach of all keys without straining their fingers or wrists excessively.

Should I use a 60% keyboard for programming?

Even though 60% keyboards have a very minimal design, and are very travel friendly, they are not the best option for programmers.

The lack of arrow, function, and navigation keys is a big hurdle for programmers. Therefore, adapting to 60% keyboards is also challenging and might take a while.

Moreover, the small size can be a problem especially if you have a large hand size.

The 60% and 65% keyboards are designed especially for gamers. This is the reason why you wouldn't find many switches on the board that a programmer would want to use. 

Should I get a TKL keyboard?

Absolutely! I would highly recommend a TKL keyboard doesn't matter if you're a gamer, programmer, or typist.

TKL keyboards have very negligible downsides to them. They are easy to adapt to, save space, and are portable. This is what makes them suitable for people of all domains.


TKL keyboards offer a compact design by removing the numeric keypad, this makes them smaller in size, easy to carry, ergonomically better, and provides an overall faster and more comfortable typing experience making them a good fit for programmers.

To know more about which keyboards are optimal for you, and what are the best keyboards out there, keep an eye on Thetechsetup.com!

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