April 28, 2023

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Redragon is well-respected in the mechanical keyboard community, as they make some of the most budget-friendly products.

But since the Redragon mechanical keyboards are really cheap, people started asking if are Redragon mechanical keyboards good or not. And that's exactly what I'll be answering today.

Yes, Redragon mechanical keyboards are a very good entry point into the mechanical keyboard world. Firstly, they won't be heavy on your pockets. Secondly, you will get to experience the feel of a mechanical keyboard with great performance before moving on to higher-end products.

Are Redragon Mechanical Keyboards Good?

Redragon keyboards are inexpensive, but that doesn't make them any less good. Yes, you will have to compromise on some aspects, but generally, they will be a great choice to begin with.

Below, I will highlight how good Redragon keyboards are and suggest their best top 3 budget options. We'll also see if the ever-popular Redragon K552 is worth it or not.

How good are Redragon keyboards?

Redragon keyboards are excellent if you're tight on money but still want a mechanical keyboard with high functionality. These keyboards can be used for typing, programming, and gaming without any problems.

How Good Are Redragon Keyboards?

The feel won't be as good as you'd get on a $200 keyboard, as is obvious. However, for keyboards that cost way less, you'll get enough stability and lifespan to work with them for some years to come.

Cheap Switches

Redragon uses Outemu switches, which are among the cheapest on the market. You won't get Cherry MX or Gaterons with these boards. Secondly, they use ABS keycaps instead of PBT or double-shot PBT ones. 

Software Functionality

The software functionality isn't much, but still, you'll be allowed to change the RGB lights and program some keys.

Anti-Ghosting and Key Macros

There's 100% anti-ghosting and the option to set key macros from the keyboard's software. That's something you wouldn't expect from low-priced keyboards, but Redragon still provides these options.

Power Cable and Stabilizers

The power cable of these keyboards is, unfortunately, undetachable, and the stabilizers are just a little shaky.


Redragon keyboards use Outemu switches, as told, and these have a lifespan of 50 million keystrokes. So, assuming you don't drop your keyboard, it shouldn't be a problem for it to last for 5–6 years.

Overall, the performance of the keyboards is much better than you would expect from a product in this price range. Understandably, these keyboards won't have the quality of premium keyboards.

Nevertheless, I repeat once again that Redragon keyboards are very good as a first-choice mechanical board. 

Best Budget Redragon Keyboards

Redragon already has many budget options, but if you're still confused about which one to get, then I am here to help. Below, I'll shortly review the 3 best budget Redragon keyboards with some great specs.

I will cover the K552 separately below, so it won't be included in this list.

Redragon K631 Castor

The K631 Castor is a 65% keyboard with 68 keys and is designed specifically for FPS gamers. It has a sleek design and fully swappable Outemu switches.

Best Budget Redragon Keyboards

The keyboard is lightweight and portable, just like any other 65% board. It has both USB-C and USB-A jacks for the convenience of users. The RGB lights are highly customizable, with 10 different effects.

It has software support, through which you can set key macros and define different functions for keys. The switches are Outemu Reds with a 40 g operating force and a 2.0 mm actuation point. 

Redragon K617 Fizz

The K617 Fizz is a 60% mechanical keyboard that comes in gray/white and pink/white color options. It feels ultra-light upon holding due to being just 430 g heavy. Secondly, its super-compact design means you can move from one key to another rapidly. 

Redragon K617 Fizz

Again, the keyboard is equipped with Outemu Red switches, which are excellent for gaming. The software support, compatibility with different operating systems, and RGB lighting make it a go-to choice for people on a budget.

Furthermore, it uses a USB-C cable and has adjustable typing angles. And lastly, its no-slip stand ensures the keyboard stays in its place during intense gaming sessions.

Redragon K582 Surara

The K582 Surara is a full keyboard with 104 keys. Its ergonomic design, red switches, and gorgeous lighting effects make it a super gaming keyboard.

Redragon K631 Castor

Like other Redragon keyboards, it also has software support where you can do RGB customization and set key macros. Besides, it's waterproof and dust-resistant. So, don't constantly worry about spilling a glass of water on your board!

100% anti-ghosting guarantees effortless gaming, and none of your keystrokes will go unregistered. The durability is extreme because of the strong build and the 50 million keystroke lifespan of the Outemu switches.

If you're a fan of full keyboards, then this is the one for you!

Which company has the best mechanical keyboard?

It's hard to name a single company that manufactures the best mechanical keyboards. To name a few top brands, I'd say they include Keychron, Corsair, SteelSeries, Fnatic, Ducky, Logitech, and some others.

It would be an injustice to other companies if I named just one. There are dozens of brands that are making top-notch mechanical keyboards, and all of them are distinct from one another in terms of build, performance, functionality, and other features.

I have used many different mechanical keyboards from multiple brands, and all of them give a unique experience. Some boards are mainly designed for gamers, while others focus on typists. It also depends on the type and color of switch they are using.

Also, many mechanical keyboards are made specifically to reduce RSI

Is the Redragon K552 bad?

The Redragon K552 isn't bad, but it does have its cons, like any other mechanical keyboard. Firstly, the case of the keyboard is made from plastic, which doesn't give it a good look. Secondly, the keycaps are made from thin ABS plastic and aren't very long-lasting.

Furthermore, the keyboard doesn’t come pre-lubed, and this is the reason why its stabilizers rattle a bit. Especially larger keys like the spacebar make considerable noise, even when you're using linear switches.

Another downside of this keyboard is that it comes with a pre-attached cable and has no room for the USB-C cable. Despite all of this, the K552 has its positives as well, which is why many people use it as their main gaming keyboard.

I'll point out some of its pros under the next heading.

Is the Redragon K552 worth it?

The Redragon K552 is definitely worth it if you don't have any plans to break the bank and go for an expensive option. The K552 is one of the best, if not the best, mechanical keyboards in its price range. It offers high performance and is long-lasting.

Redragon K552

The keyboard comes with dust-proof Outemu switches and ABS keycaps. Its TKL layout makes it perfect for most gamers and gives them space for their mouse to move freely.

Is The Redragon K552 Worth It?

The keyboard has RGB lighting, which you sometimes don't get even with some high-priced keyboards. The full anti-ghosting technology makes sure none of your keystrokes go unregistered.

The plate is made from aluminum, which makes sure the keyboard remains sturdy for a long time. It also has an ergonomic design and 12 multimedia keys for different functions. All in all, a feature-packed keyboard at a very small price.

Is Redragon long lasting?

Yes, Redragon is long-lasting because of its solid build quality and Outemu switches that last for 50 million keystrokes. However, these keyboards might have some problems if the keys are pressed with a lot of intensity.

Outemu switches are good, but they aren't like Cherry MX. So, you have to be careful while pressing or practically smashing them. They will last but might wear out sooner than expected because of heavy pressing.

With good use, these keyboards should easily last for 5–6 years or even more, depending on how you maintain them.

Which is better Redragon or Logitech?

Logitech keyboards are better than Redragon keyboards because they are more high-end and have much more functionality coupled with better performance, including lower latency.

These boards are also compatible with Cherry MX switches, which makes them more durable and increases their life expectancy.

Redragon focuses mainly on making budget-friendly keyboards. You won't find any of their boards crossing the $100 barrier. And due to this, they have to compromise on quality, durability, and performance.

Anyway, Redragon is still a decent choice, as I stated earlier in the article. It's just that they can't compete with brands like Razer, SteelSeries, or Logitech in the premium range at the moment.

Are Redragon keyboards loud?

Yes, Redragon keyboards can be very loud sometimes because they use Outemu switches. Outemu switches are one of the noisiest mechanical switches, and specifically, their blue variant is extremely loud.

Since most of the Redragon keyboards are hot-swappable, supporting different Outemu switches, I suggest you get a light switch with less noise.

Don't worry; you won't have to do any kind of soldering. Just remove the existing switches and install the new silent ones. Even the linear switches won't be completely silent, but you'll feel a significant change after shifting from blue to, let's say, red switches.

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In the end, I'd say Redragon keyboards are good, and they have no competition in their price range. They have swept away the competition to stand out, and they continue to level up their game. Some of the qualities that you would get on a $100 keyboard are available on Redragon boards.

Having said that, if I were you, I'd save some more money and get a mid-range keyboard between $80 and $100. But if you can't increase the budget, then getting a Redragon keyboard is totally fine.

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