March 17, 2023

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Red switches are possibly the gold standard when it comes to gaming keyboards. Having said that, many people wonder, "Are Red switches good for typing as well?"

Red switches are not the best for typing. The reason is that they are swift because of a short actuation point and the lower force required to actuate the switch. This can result in less accurate typing and more typos than expected.

Especially if you're someone who uses clicky or tactile switches, then shifting to linear red ones will be difficult.

Are Red Switches Good For Typing?

In this article, I'll discuss if you should use Cherry MX or Gateron switches for typing or not. Besides, there will be a comparison between the red and brown switches.

As a bonus, I'll also suggest the best keyboard with red switches!

Are Cherry MX Red switches good for typing?

Cherry MX Red switches are smooth, quiet, and have no tactile bump. Due to this, I won't say that they are very good at typing. Zero tactile feedback means you won't be able to tell when the switch has been actuated.

It can actuate without you even knowing thanks to a short actuation point of just 2.0 mm. Moreover, the force required to press the key is just 45 g.

I am not saying that these switches are totally unusable for typists. It's not like that. Rather, they can be beneficial for you if you're highly accurate. For people who are not very precise, Brown or Blue switches would be a better choice.

Are Gateron Red switches good for typing?

Gateron Red switches are similar to the Cherry MX Reds and hence are not good for typing. They will offer a consistent keystroke with no tactile bump and feel very light. But again, quick actuation can result in more typing mistakes that can break your momentum.

Their actuation point is 2 mm, and the force is 45 g, exactly like the Cherry MX.

Likewise, they have a quieter sound profile, which is a plus. Using loud switches like blue ones can disturb your colleagues in an office environment.

In that scenario, having a switch that doesn't make noise is favorable.

However, being silent doesn't make a switch good or bad for typing.

Alternately, it's the function of the keys that define for what purpose you can use them. And since the red switches are not tactile and have fast actuation, I won't recommend them for typists.

Are Red switches or Brown switches better for typing?

Brown switches are tactile and thus better than red switches for typing. They have a modest tactile bump that is near perfect for typists to know the key has been actuated. With Red switches, you don't get this favor.

Browns are the middle children of the reds and blues. Blues are clicky, best for typing, and very noisy. Contrarily, Reds are linear, recommended for gaming, and silent.

And browns? Well, they are tactile, great for both typing and gaming, and make a moderate sound.

Are Red Switches Or Brown Switches Better For Typing?

On average, brown switches will have an actuation force of 55 g and a pre-travel of the standard 2.0 mm. An additional 10 g of force and slight tactile feedback make them superb for typists.

Some people don't like the blue switches because of the high clicky noise, while many don't prefer reds for typing for the reasons I already mentioned.

Therefore, browns can be a good bargain if you're looking for a good typing switch with less clicking and more accuracy.

What are Red switches good for?

Red switches are good for gaming. Many gaming keyboards come with red switches by default.

The pros that I have mentioned, like short actuation times, less force, silent keystrokes, a consistent feel, and quick reaction times, are the reasons why gamers prefer red switches.

What Are Red Switches Good For?

The Cherry MX and Gateron Reds might not be the best for typing, but they are right up there at the top when it comes to gaming.

Many pro gamers prefer linear switches and Reds are always on their radar. And I guess by now you know why they are their preferences.

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What is the best keyboard with Red switches?

Let me get this straight: There's no single best keyboard with red switches.

Everyone has their own preference. Some would like a board that has RGB lights, while others won't.

But what I believe to be a great choice in this broad category is the Fnatic miniSTREAK.

Fnatic miniSTREAK

Fnatic needs no introduction. They are one of the leaders in the esports industry. So yeah, they do know a thing or two about mechanical keyboards.

What Is The Best Keyboard With Red Switches?

Now miniSTREAK is a TenKeyLess (TKL) keyboard that comes with full RGB backlighting and more customization options with the OP software.

Moreover, you can get it with not only the standard version of Cherry MX Red but also the silent one. There's a leather wrist rest that can be arranged in three ways.

Secondly, there's the FN lock along with the dedicated media control and competition mode options.

There are rubber feet to keep the keyboard stable, and a metal top plate makes up for the build quality. The key height is perfectly balanced, as all things should be.

The best part is that every key is dust-resistant, has self-cleaning contacts, and is fiberglass reinforced. All in all, Fnatic miniSTREAK will prove to be an excellent choice for gamers. Meanwhile, some accurate typists will also enjoy typing with it.

Are Red switches louder than Brown?

No, the red switches are not louder than the browns. Red switches are linear which means they have a dim sound that is almost silent. On the other hand, Brown switches are tactile and therefore have a tactile bump that will make a little clicky noise.

Don't confuse the sound of brown with blue. Blue switches are clicky by nature and are the loudest. Meanwhile, brown switches have a medium sound that isn't very loud or very low.

The third category is the Red linear switches. They have a faint sound and no tactile feedback. This is another reason why gamers love them and typists don't. However, no one sitting beside you will be disturbed if you use these.

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are black switches good for typing?

Yes, black switches are ideal for typing because they offer a nice, tight feedback that is perfect for precision typing. In addition, black switches tend to produce less noise than other switch types, so they can be a good option for use in office settings or other environments where noise levels are a concern.

Overall, black switches provide an excellent typing experience that is perfect for those who need to be precise and accurate with their keyboard input.

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So to conclude, red switches are not good for typing. They can be useful for some typists who are very accurate, but not for someone who makes typos often. If you're a gamer, however, Red switches will be perfect for you.

For typists, I recommend going for brown switches. They are a hybrid of blues and reds which makes them great for both typing and gaming.

Red switches are always linear and therefore have no tactile bump or noise. On top of that, they have quick actuation and require less force. All of these aspects combine to make red switches less ideal for typing.

For more information about different mechanical switches, go through the first category on my blog. Besides, keep connected with TheTechSetup, as I'll be covering much more regarding keyboards and switches in the future.

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