January 20, 2023

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Red switches are screaming fast and if you are looking for a switch purely based on how fast it actuates, reds are your best bet. They make an enormous difference for gamers and other entertainment providers as they operate smoothly and last longer than nearly every other switch

Yes, red switches are something professional gamers, streamers, and the best clans can't go without as they make a difference. Reds are linear switches and maintain silence no matter what, even if you striking your head against them for some reason.

The reds are quite sensitive in nature, which leads to faster responses and the quickest reactions. It's important thing to note that less resistance sometimes results in lacking feedback.

Are Red Switches Good for Gaming?

This lack of feedback can increase the frequency of accidentally pressing the wrong keys, which leads to higher inaccuracy when typing.

Hence, they are not highly recommended for typists. Reds lack the clickiness of a switch and are best for a silent, reliable, responsive, and fast-clicking experience. They're effective for immediate action with minimal resistance.

Are Cherry Red Switches Good For Gaming?

Yes, Cherry Red switches are incredibly fast. They have a very low actuation point of just 1.2mm, which means that you won't have to press them down very far in order to register a keystroke. This can be extremely beneficial in fast-paced games where every millisecond counts.

Additionally, cherry red switches are known for being very linear. This means that there is very little resistance when you press them down, which can again help to improve your speed and accuracy.

Some gamers prefer this linear feel as it can make double-tapping keys much easier.

Are Cherry Mx Silent Red Good For Gaming?

Yes, cherry mx silent red switches are designed to be quieter than other types of switches, which can be a major advantage when gaming in noisy environments or trying to avoid disturbing others around you.

However, cherry mx silent red switches may not be ideal for gamers who appreciate a tactile feedback or "click" when pressing keys, as they offer little in the way of resistance.

Why are red switches good for gaming?

FPS and RTS games go well with red switches as they took advantage of its fast-paced actuation. Red is a gaming-type switch, extremely responsive, and great for games that require quick reactions.

They can create some issues as not pressing them hard enough (with a minimum 45g actuation force) will not register them.

They're quiet on pressing with a travel distance of 4mm and an actuation point of 2mm (these measurements are of Cherry MX Red as they are the best and most common red switches out there).

In case you ask me how they feel, I will describe them as, like a knife gliding on butter and making my gaming experience butter smooth.

When you play video games, you want to get the best experience, and red switches have the potential to give you that experience or sometimes exceed your expectations.

Are red switches good for typing?

Reds require 45g actuation force, less than what experienced typists are used to which is 60g. Cherry MX Blue always remains the top priority of typists as it's a heavy switch with a tactile bump to create a feeling of clickiness which is popular among frequent typists.

Gamers spent more time around keyboards and computers, and a heavy switch with an incredible amount of actuation force can exhaust their energy in a few hours.

Hence, a responsive and smooth solution is great for gamers completely opposite of what typists require or are used to.

Hence, red switches are not that great for typing and their low actuation force requirements can also lead to an increase in the number of accidentally pressed keys.

Writers like me can find the lack of that satisfying click of heavy switches and can't adopt the red switches very much.

Red switches vs brown switches for gaming

Red and brown switches are the primary candidates in every conversation about the best mechanical switches for gaming and typing. Cherry MX Brown and Cherry MX Red are the most popular options and shortly, you will learn what makes them different from each other.

Let's take a closer look at each mechanical switch and discuss the major advantages one has over the other. In short, brown switches have a small bump on each keystroke helps limit mistakes and improve typing speed. It means it's a great option for typists.

On the other hand, red switches have no bump which defines their silent nature and offers a smooth and consistent keystroking experience, leading to a perfect gaming experience. Let's dig a little deeper and analyze their major differences.

What switches do pro gamers use?

Feel & Sound:

Reds are based on linear switch technology and browns are tactile switches, which makes both of them feel completely different because of their different tactile types.

The bump on brown switches can be satisfying and make typing more enjoyable, but reds make the typing experience smoother and more consistent.

The weight of the red switch's spring is slightly lighter, making it a great option for fast-paced writers. However, brown switches are lightly heavier and are in the more standard range for spring resistance, leading to error-free typing.

Red switches are quieter because of no tactile bump and the case is completely opposite for brown switches. I don't find the sound on brown switches irritating compared to blue switches, these both feel pretty quiet.

Which one is good for gaming & typing?

Red switches like Cherry MX Red are best for gaming as they offer a consistent and smooth experience that leads to rapid succession.

The tactile bump and hard press on brown switches can be quite distracting and is not extremely dependable when you are in the midst of battle.

Brown switches like Cherry MX Brown are the octopus of typing and provide the ultimate experience to typists of every level.

They are easy to adopt and incredible to type with, absolutely the best choice for typing.

Here is one of my favorite keyboard that comes with Cherry MX Red switch:

Red switches vs blue switches

Red switches offer a smooth feel with no bump, leads to a quiet sound profile, and are a favorite of super-fast-paced gamers due to their lack of bump or click, enabling them to perform quick, twitchy reactions with minimal resistance.

On the other hand, reds lack feedback and resistance can mean accidental keypresses if you're not super accurate.

For rescue, blue switches are an alternative with clicky actuation with a bump and distinctive click sound which makes them great for typing and confident accuracy.

I personally enjoy the clicky noise of blue, but its slightly slower reaction time makes it a straight "Nope!" for me.

It's an important thing to know that the best switch ultimately comes down to personal preference, so there's no right or wrong here.

Major differences between red and blue switches

The core difference between reds and blues is the actuation force and sound difference. In red switches, key presses are faster to execute and there's no physical feedback until the switches bottom out.

The blue switches have higher actuation points and greater total travel to register a key press. However, they both are extremely durable and will last 100+ million keystrokes.

In case you like classic, clicky sound and feel, you are going to love blue switches and if speed is something you are after, there is nothing better than red switches.

are red switches loud?

When it comes to the sound and loudness of the mechanical switches, there's no victor. As it’s a matter of preference, red switches offer smoothness and a silent key-pressing experience.

The Cherry MX Red switches tend to be much more silent than any other mechanical switches.

Are Red Switches Loud?

They're perfect for office environments and everyone within earshot will thank you for maintaining a consistent quiet.

Reds don't have any audible click, but it means they can't inherently avoid the clacking of the dreaded bottom-out and top-out.

What color switch is best for gaming?

It’s a clash of titans where every switch holds something spectacular, giving you the advantage in gaming.

Linear switches are mostly preferred for gaming and reds are the favorite. They are a relatively light switch and a standard option in many pre-built mechanical keyboards advertised as "your gaming partner!".

I prefer Cherry MX Red as the perfect switch for gaming because they are smooth and relatively quiet with no tactile bump or audible feedback.

Furthermore, the extremely fast reaction time of red switches makes them ideal for gamers, streamers, and office workers.

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Red switches are great for gaming, but for which games they’re good? For FPS and other fast-paced action multiplayer games where quick reactions are required, then you need a mechanical switch that can keep up and that's exactly where red switches come in.

But, remember that reds are not great for typing and if you'll do a combination of typing & gaming, then the choice comes down between brown and blue switches.

I will advise you to experience a lot, before making up your final decision.

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