April 26, 2023

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Mechanical keyboards are considered to be the best for typing, programming, and gaming in the current day and age. On the other hand, Apple used its butterfly keyboard connection in laptops, iPads, and even iPhones until 2020.

So, how do these two keyboards fare against each other and Are Mechanical Keyboards Better Than Butterfly Keyboards?

Are Mechanical Keyboards Better Than Butterfly Keyboards?

Mechanical keyboards are better than butterfly keyboards due to being more durable, long-lasting, efficient, user-friendly, and accurate. Mechanical keyboards use mechanical switches under each keycap to give tactile feedback every time the user registers a keystroke. Besides, mechanical keyboards have a lot of room for customization, which you won't get with the butterfly boards.

This was just a small overview.

Below, I'll be explaining some points in detail that make mechanical keyboards better than butterfly ones. Moreover, I'll suggest a mechanical keyboard, which is great for both typing and gaming purposes.

There's also a short comparison between butterfly and magic keyboards at the end.

what is a butterfly keyboard

First and foremost, what Is A Butterfly Keyboard?

The butterfly keyboard is a relatively new type of keyboard that was introduced by Apple in 2015. It got its name because the keys are designed to resemble the wings of a butterfly when they open up.

Unlike traditional keyboards, which use a scissor mechanism to support each key, the butterfly mechanism has less travel distance and provides more stability for typing.

This design allows for thinner laptops with shallower key caps that make typing more accurate and comfortable.

However, this innovative technology has also been criticized by many for being prone to failure due to debris getting stuck under the keys or causing them to stop functioning altogether.

Why are mechanical keyboards better?

Mechanical keyboards are not only considered better than butterfly keyboards, but they are also much superior to other keyboards like membrane and magic.

Butterfly Keyboard Vs Magic

Let me elaborate on some points that show why mechanical keyboards are in a class of their own.

1. Durability

Mechanical keyboards can easily last up to 10-15 years due to the mechanical switches used underneath every individual keycap. The lifespan of these switches can be 50–100 million keystrokes or even more. 

2. Tactile Feedback

When you press a key on a mechanical keyboard, it'll give you tactile feedback indicating the registration of the keystroke. This also contributes to the sound of the mechanical keyboards. 

3. Switch Options

There are mainly three types of switches that you can get: clicky, tactile, and linear. Clicky switches are loud and accurate. Tactiles are less noisy and good for both typing and gaming. Lastly, linear switches have a very swift actuation, and many pro gamers use them.

4. Customization

On a mechanical keyboard, you have the option to customize the RGB lighting, keycaps, key macros, key switches (if the board is hot-swappable), and more. You won't find these options on any other keyboard. 

5. Multiple Layouts

Mechanical keyboards come in a variety of layouts, all serving different purposes. There's, of course, the regular full keyboard first. Then, you can get the Tenkeyless (TKL), 75%, 65%, 60%, and even 40% models.

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What mechanical keyboard should you use?

Keychron Q6

The Keychron Q6 will be a great full-sized keyboard to begin with. It is a bit expensive but has tons of features. Firstly, it is hot-swappable and compatible with all 3-pin and 5-pin MX switches.

Secondly, you can easily program it with QMK and VIA to set your key macros, shortcuts, RGB lights, and more.

It can be used with both Windows and macOS through a wired connection. The sturdy aluminum body along with the double-gasket design guarantees shock absorption, even if you drop the keyboard sometimes.

I suggest using the brown tactile switches at the start, as they are great for both gaming and typing. Also, since the keyboard is hot-swappable, you can get the key switches of your choice and install them without soldering.

Butterfly keyboard vs magic

Magic keyboards were introduced as the updated version of the butterfly keyboards in 2020. The former uses a more enhanced scissor-switch mechanism that interlocks upon pressing a key exactly like a scissor does. This makes the magic keyboards much more durable.

Butterfly keyboards have been discontinued, and you'd hardly find them on the market if you were going to buy the latest MacBook. However, these keyboards are still available for the 2015–2019 variants.

Due to a lot of criticism from the public, Apple had to come up with some new keyboard tech and they did it with magic keyboards. These are more reliable, have a more tactile feel, have a better design, give a more natural typing feel, and have a longer lifespan.

I have had the personal experience of using both of these keyboards on different MacBooks, and I can safely say that magic keyboards take the lead.


So, this was a short comparison between mechanical and butterfly keyboards.

The mechanical keyboard, as expected, is a way better choice for someone looking to start their career as a typist or gamer. It has much more features than any other competition and offers a lot of customizability alongside being highly reliable.

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