October 25, 2023

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Imagine working without keyboards, manually scripting all the important documents. It will be a substantial hassle and therefore, keyboards are extremely crucial for everyday office work. So Are Mechanical Keyboards Better For Office Work?

Are MeAre Mechanical Keyboards Better For Office Work?chanical Keyboards Better For Work?

Yes! Mechanical Keyboards can make you more productive at your office work by enhancing your typing experience and better comfort, but they produce a little more noise than regular boards. Be sure to thoroughly consider the switch type, ergonomics, cost, and keyboard design before buying a keyboard for work.

Logitech MX Keys and Keychron K10 are the two best keyboards when it comes to the office environment. 

Unlike regular keyboards, mechanical keyboards are known to enhance the experience of typing by their exclusive mechanical mechanism which makes them more durable and pleasing to use and hear.

However, when it comes to work, especially in indoor locations such as offices, there is a general stigma that surrounds these beautiful gadgets for not being the ideal choice.

In this article, we will have a detailed look at what makes them suitable for work and how you can find the perfect one for yourself! 

Why use a mechanical keyboard for work?

It is an absolute fact that using mechanical keyboards can significantly enhance the user experience, but the question of "Are they the most suitable for office work" is highly dependent on the office environment you work in.

Here are a few factors that make mechanical keyboards better and superior for work:

1. Increase in Typing Speed

First of all, you will find a noticeable increase in your typing speed. Mechanical keyboards are just faster and more responsive than casual office keyboards.

This can be a huge advantage when you need to type a lot in a time-limited situation, with mechanical keyboards handing out a massive report to a manager under a strict deadline will never be an issue! 

2. Better Typing Accuracy

Mechanical keyboards tend to be more accurate and the mechanical keys will make it less likely for you to make accidental typos.

This is mainly because any key press on a mechanical keyboard makes an audible sound (or sometimes provides tactile feedback)

3. Ergonomic Design For Comfort

Mechanical keyboards have a better structure and provide excellent ergonomics. This makes them optimal, especially for those who have to work and type for long and continuous hours, as it can prevent the usual wrist aches and finger fatigue.

In other words, they are good for your fingers.

However, not everything about using a mechanical keyboard in office space is great. These keyboards tend to be noisier than normal ones and might be distracting for your officemates.

But well, there are silent alternatives available. Besides, if your company culture is extremely laid-back, or you have a private workspace, then mechanical keyboards should be your go-to choice! 

Office Keyboard Buying Guide

(How to choose the best Office Keyboard)

Several vital factors contribute when it comes to deciding the best office keyboard for your usage. Here are the most important ones:

1. Switch Type and Color

The most important thing is the mechanical switches on the mechanical keyboards. These switches determine the typing feel, speed, and most crucial of them all when it comes to work, the sound of the keystrokes!

There are three different kinds of keys, which are further available in different colors, which means they are of the same type with slightly distinct specifications.

  1. Tactile Switches: These switches provide tactile feedback on every actuation. Even though they can significantly increase typing accuracy, they do produce a considerable amount of clicking sound, which can be a distraction if you work in a close indoor environment. Brown and Clear switches are mainly tactile.
  2. Linear Switches: Linear switches are the most optimal when it comes to working in an office. They make less noise and are faster and smoother to use. Moreover, they are also available in silent variants. Reds, Blacks, and Yellows are associated with linear switches.
  3. Clicky Switches: Their actuation is pretty similar to tactile switches, but they feature an extra clicky sound and feel. They are extremely good options for typing, but their loud noise can make them very unpleasant and annoying for those working around you.

2. Ergonomics

Office work is mainly associated with long hours of work on the keyboard, and in this case, using a keyboard that can cause severe pain in the hands and joints is not a wise choice.

It is important to consider the ergonomics of the keyboard and make sure it perfectly aligns with your desk, finger, and hand size. There are no perfect settings when it comes to this and it is highly subject to individual preferences.

One important thing is the size of the keyboard. Larger keyboards increase discomfort in reaching out all the keys but are optimal for people with bigger fingers.

Similarly, the height of the keyboard can be an issue for some, while it increases the comfort for those with bigger hands.

Make sure to consider the following aspects when buying a new mechanical keyboard for work.

  • Size of the Keyboard
  • Height of the Keyboard
  • Possible Angles of Inclination of the Keyboard
  • Support for Wrist Rest
  • Layout of the Mechanical Board
  • Keycap Profile

3. Keyboard's Look and RGB Lighting

RGB lighting is known to be the most highlighted feature of mechanical keyboards, as it significantly enhances the beauty and aesthetics of these high-powered peripherals

However, opting for a high-contrast RGB backlit board in an open-space office or a client-facing job (such as receptionists and bankers) is not at all a good choice!

In this case, you should be more inclined towards plain-designed, simple backlit mechanical keyboards. 

4. Cost

Mechanical keyboards have price tags that differ vastly from each other. Some are relatively cheaper while others can cost you a fortune.

It is better to choose a budget mechanical keyboard when it comes to the professional work environment. Investing heavily in a premium board will not be necessary as it comes equipped with exclusive features for gamers and specialized use that might not be needed. 

5. Connectivity

Last but not least, the connectivity of a keyboard is extremely important to consider!

If you have a desk job, deciding to go for a wired-only mechanical keyboard is fine. However, if your work requires a lot of moving around, it is smarter to pick one that supports wireless connectivity. 

What is the best mechanical keyboard for Office work?

The market for mechanical keyboards has always been a booming one! There are just too many options out there which make figuring the best one super-hard. Well, that's where I come in

I have shortlisted two of the best mechanical keyboards which include Logitech MX Keys and Keychron K10. A brief overview of both of them is below.

1. Logitech MX Keys

Logitech MX Keys is a perfect keyboard when it comes to office use!

With a premium and sleek design, durable build, smooth and amazing typing experience, and quiet actuations, this keyboard surpasses all other mechanical keyboards in the corporate world!

It is a full-sized board, not too heavy nor too high, equipped with ABS keycaps.

The keyboard's low-profile design minimizes the need for wrist rest and wireless connectivity makes it highly portable. Moreover, 40.2-decibel typing noise makes it optimal for working in offices without disturbing those around you. 

The only downsides of this amazing keyboard are the inability to support different inclination angles and slightly higher latency which might not be a big issue in job-related tasks.

2. Keychron K10

Another excellent choice for professional work, the Keychron K10 is a highly productivity-focused mechanical keyboard.

Support for different kinds of mechanical switches, the ability to connect wirelessly, support for various OS, and an extremely pleasing typing experience are a few of the positives of this board.

Slightly heavier than Logitech MX Keys, the Keychron K10 is also a full-sized mechanical keyboard known for its durable and sturdy build.

It has great ergonomics, with support for three different inclination angles. Moreover, all the keys are perfectly stabilized and provide an excellent typing experience with no rattle and wobble.

Best Budget Mechanical Keyboard

But it is important to note that, Keychron K10 is a little noisier as compared to Logitech MX Keys, but not much to be a major distraction in the workplace.

Are mechanical keyboards better for typing? 

Yes! Mechanical keyboards is better for typing keyboards for so many reasons, one being the sensual typing experience it provides!

Many factors make the typing experience of mechanical keyboards worthwhile, but the two most important are Comfort and Precision.

Mechanical switches offer distinctive feedback on every keypress that enhances the comfort of typing on these boards, this also increases the typing speed for most users.

Moreover, these keyboards are way more accurate and make the chances of making accidental errors minimal. 

Is a mechanical keyboard good for productivity?

Yes, considering all aspects, I can confidently say that Mechanical Keyboards can make you more productive. faster typing speeds and fewer typos can significantly reduce the hours required to complete a task.

In addition to that, better ergonomics ensure that you can work without a break with ease and comfort.

However, not all mechanical keyboards are focused on enhancing the overall work productivity. Some are catered to gamers and production. 

Is a mechanical keyboard too loud for work?

Some keyboards are, while others are not. Also, the definition of "too loud" varies from office space to office space. Some might allow louder keyboards while others might restrict even the faintest of noise.

However, there are mechanical keyboards that are structured to make lesser sound, and using linear switches, more specifically Silent Reds or Blacks, is a formidable solution to this problem. 


If your company environment is open-minded and your coworkers are not distracted by the pleasing sound of mechanical keyboards, then you should use mechanical keyboards for work. It will help increase productivity and the overall typing experience.

If you want a less noisy alternative, go for linear switches and it will be absolutely fine. Make sure to take a look at Logitech MX keys and Keychron K10 as these two are pure master-class mechanical keyboards, perfect for professional work and programming.

The world of mechanical keyboards, tech gadgets, and switches is a never-ending one! To know more about it, keep coming back to TheTechSetup.com! 

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