May 23, 2023

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Are Holy Panda switches good for gaming? That is a common question among mechanical keyboard enthusiasts. Holy Pandas are one of the most expensive mechanical switches and are in high demand.

There must be a reason they are so popular, right? But unfortunately, their popularity is not because of gaming.

Are Holy Panda Switches Good for Gaming?

Holy Panda switches, sadly, are not the best choice for professional gaming. If you're someone who plays games here and there, then they will be just fine. But if you play competitive tournaments, then go for a light switch. These switches have a weight of 67 grams, which is a bit on the higher side for a tactile switch.

Holy Panda switches are a combination of Halo True and Invyr Panda switches. They use the stem of the former and the housing of the latter to give a snappy, tactile feel. This tactility makes them heavy and a little slow for pro gamers.

Below, I will answer multiple questions people have regarding these switches. Whether Holy Pandas are good, which variant is the best, whether they are adequate for typing, and so on.

How good are Panda switches?

If Panda switches aren't ideal for gaming, that doesn't undermine their other features.

These switches are top-of-the-line when it comes to the typing experience.

They'll take care of your accuracy and make sure you don't make any errors thanks to responsive tactile feedback.

Are Holy Panda Switches Good for Gaming?

As for durability, Panda switches last for 50-100 million keystrokes. This means that nothing bad will happen to them for many years (considering you don't break them yourself).

They have a consistent and smooth feel. Moreover, their tactile bump is much greater as compared to other tactile switches like the Cherry MX Browns. So, if you want a heavy, tactile switch, then Panda switches are your choice. 

Are Holy Panda switches tactile or linear?

Holy Panda switches are tactile, with round tactile feedback that is snappy and sharp. The actuation itself is smooth, but the noise is comparatively higher than other switches.

These switches have the option to lubricate them which lowers some decibel levels. But generally, they are a bit loud for a tactile switch.

They aren't as noisy as a clicky switch, but they are close to that.

If you're someone who likes using linear switches or light tactile ones, then it'll take you some time to get used to Holy Pandas. 

Are glorious panda switches good for gaming?

No, like the original Holy Panda switches by Quakemz, the Glorious Holy Pandas are also not good for gaming. People have said that their gaming speed takes a hit when playing with these switches, especially in FPS games.

And as we all know, if your movement is slow, you will lose in competitive tournaments.

Therefore, I won't recommend Glorious Panda switches for gaming. What I would say, though, is that these switches are great for typists.

They are a cheaper version of Holy Panda, with the same tactile feel and consistent keystrokes. So, if you're on a budget and want to experience a Holy Panda switch, then go for the Glorious version. 

Which Panda switch is best?

Drop Holy Pandas are the best Panda switches currently available. They have a strong build, a great tactile feel, a lubrication option, less stem wobble, consistent keystrokes, and an unmatched typing experience.

Be that as it may, these switches are considerably more expensive than Glorious Holy Pandas. So, if you can't afford them, then go for Glorious. They aren't far behind either.

Drop Holy Pandas have a similar weight of 67 g and a major tactile bump. However, the feedback feels more smooth on these switches. Again, they are ideal for typing but not so much for gaming.

Their X variant has been the talk of the town recently, and many users are going for that. For a detailed overview, check out my Drop Holy Panda X Switch review.

Are Holy Panda switches good for typing?

Holy Panda switches are excellent for typing. They have a silky actuation, and their short bump improves the typing speed of the users.

These switches can be easily lubed to make them even more swift.

If you have used Cherry MX Brown or Gateron Brown, then Holy Panda will feel a lot different. Why? Because Holy Pandas are heavier, having a bottom-out force of 67 grams. Tactile switches, generally, have weights around 50-60.

Nevertheless, people who love heavy switches with a snappy feel will admire the Holy Panda switches.


Even though Holy Panda switches are not good for gaming, they are excellent for typing and programming. Their smooth keystrokes, along with a responsive tactile bump, take your typing accuracy to the next level.

Besides, there are multiple Holy Panda versions to choose from. See what fits best for you and install it on your mechanical keyboard.

Having a hot-swappable board will ease the process because it won't require any soldering. And that's pretty much it for this one.

If you want to read more detailed guides on keyboards and switches, then look no further than TheTechSetup.

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