May 4, 2023

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Gateron Black Inks are considered to be one of the smoothest switches in the mechanical switch arena. But do they live up to expectations while gaming?

In this article I will give the full answer for whether or not are Gateron black inks good for gaming.

Gateron Black Inks are good for gaming as they are linear switches. This makes them fast and smooth without any tactile interruption in the keystroke. These switches are great for any type of game, whether it be FPS, sports, MOBA, RPG, or any other.

These switches are just a bit slower than some other linear switches, but that doesn't make a world of difference if you're not playing in a highly competitive tournament like a world championship or something. 

Are Gateron Black Inks Good For Gaming

As for the sound experience, these switches have just little higher decibel levels than some of the other linear switches, like Cherry MX Reds. However, they come with Krytox 205g0 lubricant, which makes the sound as minimal as the users want.

These switches, as told in the intro, perform excellently in every genre of game. However, I wouldn't recommend you go for them if you engage in competitive tournaments on a regular basis.

Gateron Black Inks have a 60 g operating force, which is almost 10–15 g more than what you'd find in most Red switches. And this is the reason why people prefer the latter over Black switches for gaming.

Nevertheless, these are still very viable and will offer a fine gaming experience!

Are Gateron Ink Blacks worth it?

I would say, yes, the Gateron Ink Blacks are worth it. They are right up there when it comes to smoothness and stability. And many people look for these two qualities when buying a switch. Furthermore, these switches have anti-corrosion protection, excellent sound experience, and a unique housing design.

Are Gateron Ink Blacks Worth It?

They are also not as expensive compared to the Cherry MX brand. If someone has a low budget, they can certainly opt for these switches.

Gateron always focuses on manufacturing switches in such a way that the user experience is second to none. This is the reason why these switches have an everlasting lifespan while being extremely soft and smooth.

They don't get broken down, even if someone smashes them after losing a 1v1. So yeah, you won't be compromising on anything after buying the Gateron Ink Blacks.

Which Gateron switches are best for FPS?

Gateron Low-Profile Red switches are the best for FPS gaming. As the name suggests, these switches are made to make keyboards thinner and have faster actuation. The force required for the operation is just 50 grams, and it feels exceptionally light.

The pre-travel of these low-profile switches is 1.5 mm, and the total distance is just 2.75 mm.

You won't feel any strain while excessively gaming thanks to the ultra-smooth keystrokes due to these switches.

Games like CS:GO, PUBG, Valorant, Call of Duty, and others require fast movement (strafing, peak-and-hide, drop-shots, crouching, etc.).

Therefore, gamers often look for the fastest switches to improve their gameplay. Although it makes less of a difference, sometimes even a millisecond can make or break a match.

But with the low-profile Red switches from Gateron, you're guaranteed a great experience or even an advantage while taking on the opposition!

Is Cherry MX better than Gateron for gaming?

Cherry MX switches are better than Gateron for gaming mainly because of two reasons: they are more durable and have a speed switch collection. Cherry MX Speed Silver is one of the fastest mechanical switches and is recommended for high-end gaming.

Cherry MX switches have always been the standard for mechanical keyboards. They are a little expensive, but you won't find many switches that are better than them.

Meanwhile, Gaterons are clones of Cherry MX and are great for someone looking to get the feel of MX switches in a lower price range. They are also really good for gaming, but not as much as the Cherry MX Reds and Speed Silvers.

There's a reason why Cherry MX switches are widely used by pro gamers. I have had the experience of using both the MX Reds and Speed Silvers, and, to be honest, sometimes you don't even feel the actuation due to their swiftness.

You can literally just glide over them for actuation, and this guarantees quick actions in the game.

Psst! For more detailed comparison between the tow read my article on Cherry Mx Vs Gateron switches


To conclude, the Gateron Black Inks are indeed good for gaming.

Besides, they come at an affordable price in comparison to some other gaming switches, which makes them an even more considerable option. It'd be best if you had a hot-swappable keyboard that supported the MX stems. This will make inserting the Black Inks very easy without soldering.

I recently did a comparison between the Gateron Blacks and Black Inks. If you're interested, then do go through that article for a detailed overview of both switches.

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