March 1, 2023

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Besides being deemed not very ideal for gaming, are the blue switches good for typing? In this article today, we'll be looking at just that!

Yes, blue switches can be extremely beneficial for typists, programmers, and, of course, blog writers like me. They have fine tactile feedback and feel bumpy upon pressing. Moreover, their clicky noise will allow you to know the key has been pressed and actuated.

Are Blue Switches Good For Typing?

These switches guarantee high accuracy, fewer typos (everyone hates typos), and faster typing speed.

That's not all! Below, I'll be highlighting even more features of blue switches and comparing them with their red counterparts.

We'll also look at the fastest and best color switches for typing, so stay with me.

Are Cherry MX Blue switches good for typing?

Yes, definitely! Cherry MX Blue switches are mainly designed for typists and are hence good for typing. You'll find them to be more tactile, responsive, and clicky to help with writing precision.

While typing, the most important thing is to get a feeling that you've actuated the key.

The blue switches offer an audible click sound that helps you recognize the key has been pressed. It's an advantage over silent keyboards, where you don't always realize if the key was pushed or not.

Are Cherry MX Blue Switches Good For Typing?

Well, if you are a slow typer, then it might not be a very big problem, but fast typists need to carry on with their momentum, and missing a key would undoubtedly break that.

The Cherry MX Blue switches might outlive you owing to their high-durability nature. On average, they will last just as well for 50 million keystrokes, making them a go-to choice for heavy users.

And did I say they are customizable too? Well, you can try out different keycaps on your keyboard to make it as pleasing to the eye as possible.

Lastly, the actuation force of these switches is 60 g, and the actuation distance is 2 mm, making it a fast switch for typing.

What is the fastest switch for typing?

Cherry MX Speed Silver is the fastest switch for typing. Its actuation distance is as low as 1.2 mm, which means the keys will be actuated before you know it!

On top of that, they are very light on the fingers, with an actuation force of just 45 g.

However, if you like tactile feedback, then these aren't for you. Speed Silver is more on the linear side of switches than clicky or tactile.

Be that as it may, you won't find these switches as commonly as you'd find MX blue or others. Besides, they are in the expensive range too.

It's undeniable that these switches are fast (Usain-Bolt-like-fast! ), but they don't necessarily guarantee the best typing experience.

Some people won't be comfortable typing with a short actuation switch if they have been using switches with a higher actuation distance before.

That being said, you are your own boss in the end. It's your preference whether you want to go for linear or tactile switches for typing.

Are red or blue switches better for typing?

Blue switches are better for typing as compared to red ones. The reason is that they provide more accuracy and a clicky noise that notifies you every time about the actuation of the key.

On the other hand, red switches are typically used by gamers.

They are neither tactile nor clicky switches but are rather linear. What this means is that they are smooth and don't have a tactile bump. This also implies that they have a low sound profile.

Red switches are not very accurate for typists due to the minimal feedback upon pressing. You won't always be able to tell if you pressed the key or not. With blue switches, this issue is countered since they have a loud click.

If you want to go into more detail, check out my article: Are Red Switches Good For Typing?

Are blue switches louder than red?

Blue switches are significantly louder than red switches. Why? because they make a clicky noise that is also pleasing to listen to and can help with writing. Whereas, the red switches are linear and are thus quieter.

As told above, red switches are primarily used by gamers. Obviously, when you are playing FPS games like Call of Duty or PUBG, your hearing plays a huge role.

If the volume of the switches is too loud, you might not be able to hear the game sound, which would cost your team. So yeah, choosing the right switches is important to becoming the top fragger.

Are Blue Switches Louder Than Red?

Contrarily, the Cherry MX Blue switches aid the most in typing. Here, you require good tactile feedback and an audible sound to know you have actuated the key.

These switches have all these boxes checked and are therefore the foremost option for many typists.

What color switch is best for typing?

The overall best color switch for writing is the Cherry MX brown. It is kind of a mixture of blue and red switches. The sound profile of brown switches is moderate, and they have a lighter tactile bump.

Understandably, some people won't like the blue switches because of their noise. Besides, you can't use them in an office environment or in a place where others are sitting.

That's where the Cherry Brown switches come in. They have a lower sound profile and require less effort to press them. The actuation force of these switches is close to 45 g.

Having said that, brown switches are still not linear. This means that they will make some noise, though not as much as clicky switches. However, even the lower sounds can disturb your colleagues. So make sure you keep that in mind.

But all in all, brown switches are the best for typing, and you can trust them to work for a very long time.

Are blue switches hard to press?

Blue switches are indeed hard to press because of their tactile nature. You’ll need to exert more force to actuate a blue switch than a linear one. This is also one of the main reasons why they are not recommended for gaming.

Nonetheless, there are some benefits too.

Primarily, you won’t be making many mistakes while typing. Tactile and clicky switches are ideal for typing because of the bumpy response that they give upon pressing.

The user certainly knows that they have pushed the key, and this helps with writing efficiency.

What is the easiest switch to press?

Linear switches are the easiest to press. There is no click or tactile feedback with linear switches, which makes them fast as well as effortless to actuate. Contrary to blue switches, linear switches are exemplary for gaming for the reasons mentioned.


So, are blue switches good for typing? The answer is in the affirmative. Blue switches will help you become more accurate, fast, and precise.

Furthermore, they'll be even more suitable for those who prefer a noisy keyboard. You'll experience great tactile feedback and a bumpy feeling while pressing them.

To sum up, blue switches can be your primary choice for typing if you don't have any issues with the clicky sound. They have high durability and can be relied upon for at least 13–15 years.

And that's pretty much it for this article. For more informational guides, make sure to check out the rest of the blog and stay tuned for more content like this in the future.

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