January 8, 2023

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Most mechanical keyboards marked for high-end PC gaming include black switches. They feel more responsive and durable than any other keyboard switches available in the market.

Heavy-handed typists like black switches the most as they offer the highest actuation force ratings (60g to 85g).

Yes, black switches are super durable and perform exceptionally while gaming. The Cherry MX Black switches are a perfect example. The black switches are extra heavy but slightly scratchier than Gateron switches for higher accuracy.

Black switches last a whopping 100 million keystrokes and are considered a middle-ground between comfort and performance when gaming.

However, it's a game of preference, and black switches are linear switches with different spring weights based on how heavy you type or do competitive gaming.

Black switches are perfect for gaming with a stronger spiral spring, linear switching characteristics, and increased spring force.

Are Black Switches Good For Gaming?

Why are black switches good for gaming?

Black switches belong to a family of high-end switches (linear switches) and matter for competitive gaming.

Black switches are good for gaming because they can shave milliseconds off of your reaction time (>0.03% increase in speed) which is noticeable at the highest level of gaming.

However, it can be a lot different for you than it was for me.

There're several reasons why black switches hold the position of the best gaming switches, as they are totally linear and soft, durable, consistent, and engineered for gaming, and it’s rare that someone feels black switches are not good enough.

Accidental key input is a greater risk to avoid that can ruin your game, and the heavier nature of black switches eliminates that risk. The tactile nature of these switches makes them dense but not enough to exhaust your fingers.

They hold a balance, are not light enough to register accidental key inputs, and are not hard enough to irritate your fingers, and that's what makes them perfect for gaming.

Are black switches quiet or loud?

Black switches produce some noise, not enough to interact with you in gaming, although they are linear.

When you press a black switch with great force, it produces a "thud" sound that you can easily overcome by carefully pressing keys and by not going "bonkers".

They're not loud unless you're using one in a quiet room where you can hear how silent they actually are.

With that being said, black switches are absolute love to type on.

Competitive gaming requires less noise, and black switches will not make you feel their presence if that's something you want, black switches are the way forward!

Black vs blue switches for gaming

The tactile nature of black switches differentiates them from blue switches and makes them ideal for an immersive gaming experience.

Blue switches are not for competitive gaming as they are not fast and accident-prone for high-end gaming.

The linear nature and silence of black switches are something gamers appreciate and value. I unleashed the full potential of black switches while playing fast-paced games like FIFA 23. Yes, I'm weird, and I play FIFA on a keyboard.

The short travel and high actuating force make black switches my top choice.

On the other hand, the reset point of blue switches is higher than its actuation points, and the idea behind this is to stop double tap by accident.

I also admire the tactile nature of blue switches, but I don't recommend them for gaming.

They are also loud enough to create disturbance in gaming sessions or can annoy your team players leading to a massive decrease in performance.

What are the best switches for gaming?

I'm corona positive that the elaborate knowledge you just went through is enough for you to find the best mechanical switches for gaming.

I also have a list of the best switches based on my immediate need, my seeking direction, and what worked best for me.

See, when it comes to selecting the mechanical switches or technology, there's no hard outline as to whether this is wrong or that is right.

I've colleagues using blue switches for gaming and red switches for typing, and there's me, who uses black witches for gaming and beating the garbage out of them in gaming.

Hence, personal preference plays a big role in the selection of the perfect switch. One piece of advice that I can give is to let your personal preference take over when selecting mechanical switches.

Best switches for gaming

  1. Cherry MX Black: It's Good, especially for FPS gaming and keyboard spamming. The Cherry MX switch family is, without any doubt, the best in producing the most robust and successful mechanical switches.
  2. Kailh/Kaihua BOX Black: Direct competitor to the Cherry MX black, and on top, offers more customization options. The keycaps designed for Cherry MX switches are also compatible with Kailh switches, making life easier for consumers.
  3. Razer Green, Orange, and Yellow: True gamers appreciate Razer as they know how to find their way into almost every gaming gear and mechanical switches are no different. Razer’s collaboration with Kaihua manufactured the Black Widow mechanical keyboard. Black Widow with Razer Green mechanical switches is a great option for gaming.
  4. Logitech Romer-G: It is exclusive and provides an enhanced experience for gamers. These switches are the best ones for gamers who are into intense and long gaming sessions.

I've only discussed a few of the popular switches, and there's a complete world out there for you to explore.

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Are Cherry MX Blacks good for gaming?

Yes, the Cherry MX Black switches are inherently more robust and durable switches for gaming. These are rated to live 20-50 million keystrokes as opposed to 5-10 million in any of its competitors. As a matter of fact, they are the leading switches for gaming worldwide.

Are Cherry MX Blacks good for gaming?

In my experience, the Cherry MX switch is excellent for gaming unless you play double-tap, heavy games a lot. In that case, Cherry MX Red switches are something you should pay a visit to.

The linear action of these switches makes the peeking and stuff in games really easy and natural. I played some CS GO with these switches, and they were everything to me at that time.

The linear switching characteristic of Cherry Black makes it unique, and combining it with an increased spring force triggers directly makes it perfect for gaming.

Thanks to its stronger spiral spring, it smoothly moves the keys back to the starting position without making a noise and grants the necessary staying power for long gaming sessions.


it's no denying the qualities of black switches for gaming, but it's a matter of taste, and the decision is entirely based on your feeling.

You must be comfortable with what you choose because even the best-in-class keyboard switches will only lead to decreasing in performance if your heart isn't into it.

Consider which characteristics will help you achieve your goals and fulfilling your dream of becoming a skillful gamer. If you prioritize accuracy over noise, choosing a black switch may be more beneficial than using any other.

Overall black switches are a great pick for gaming, but if you are a pro gamer and play on a very competitive level than read my article on What Keyboard Switches Do Pro Gamers Use?

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