March 8, 2023

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Before making their gaming setup many people surely ask, "Are 60% keyboards good for gaming?" You wouldn't fancy buying a keyboard and then having to replace it because it wasn't made for games, right? Therefore, getting a gaming keyboard initially is the way to go.

60% keyboards are excellent for gaming and they are built for this purpose. These keyboards only consist of alphanumeric keys that are essential for gaming, and their ergonomic design allows you to press the keys at a comfortable angle.

Are 60% Keyboards Good for Gaming?

And since their structure is small you get enough space for your mouse to work easily. Whether you like playing FPS games or MOBAs, these 60% keyboards are bound to perform well.

Now without any further ado, let's dive right into the benefits of these keyboards, and then we'll move on to some of the other aspects. 

Main benefits of a 60% keyboard

60% keyboards are more compact, aesthetically pleasing, easier to carry, and allow for customization.

Let's look at all these points in a little more detail.


60% of keyboards have 40% fewer keys than a full keyboard. This means that they are portable and can be carried anywhere without any hurdles.

Many people like to take their own gaming keyboards to a gaming zone. So, if you own a 60% keyboard, you won't feel a thing carrying it here and there.

Moreover, it is also beneficial for people with a smaller desk. In this case, the keyboard won't take up all the space and you can move the mouse around with no bother. This will also help gamers who play at a lower mouse sensitivity.


Playing for longer periods on a full keyboard means straining your fingers and wrist. Contrarily, a 60% keyboard has perfect ergonomics, especially for gaming, thanks to its small design.

Secondly, if the keyboard has linear keys, it just adds to the pleasure. You can play games for hours with these keyboards and not even realize how long it has been.


Most of the 60% keyboards are highly customizable. You can adjust the RGB lights, have programmable keys, and even remap the keys for different tasks.


What's a good keyboard if you don't even wanna look at it?

The 60% keyboards, in contrast, have a smooth and sleek design. Their appearance is also one of the main reasons why people opt for them.

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Who is a 60% keyboard for?

60% keyboards are ideal for those looking for a compact yet functional keyboard. This makes these boards a great choice for gamers and programmers who like to be quick and precise in their work.

Who Is A 60% Keyboard For?

I won't recommend 60% keyboards for those who do data entry since it requires using the Num-pad as well as function keys. But apart from that, I suggest going for these keyboards if you want a solid small-scale gaming board.

You can effortlessly play MOBAs like Dota 2, FPS games like CS:GO, COD, Valorant, and many other games from other genres.

However, some games like Genshin Impact won't be compatible with 60% keyboards as they require the function and arrow keys too.

A few games even require num pads sometimes.

Overall, a 60% keyboard will exceed your expectations while gaming. I am saying this after having played games on numerous small keyboards over the years.

What is the fastest keyboard 60%?

Being fast and rapidly moving back and forth on the keyboard is what gamers prefer. Now there are dozens of fast 60% keyboards out there from companies like Ducky, SteelSeries, Vortexgear, and more.

That being said, below I'll be briefly reviewing a couple of the best 60% keyboard for gaming that are fast as lightning and highly functional.

SteelSeries Apex Pro Mini

A 60% keyboard

Apex Pro Mini is arguably the world's fastest 60% keyboard. It uses Omnipoint 2.0 switches, which have 10x faster actuation. Besides, you can customize the actuation point. It can be an instant 0.2 mm or as far as 3.8 mm.

You have 2-in-1 action keys, which means you can program a key for two different actions. You also get PBT keycaps, ensuring a top-notch texture and high accuracy while typing.

There are two variants of the Apex Pro Mini. A Quantum 2.0 wireless version and a wired one. The former is more expensive for obvious reasons, as it utilizes a 2.4 GHz wireless connection for lag-free gaming. 

Ducky One 2 Mini

The Ducky One 2 Mini is another exceptional choice for a starter 60% keyboard. It comes equipped with Cherry MX keys, though you can get them with Kailh switches too.

The keyboard has some excellent build quality owing to the fact it uses a 4-layer PCB.

It has varied RGB light effects, and there's also room for customization with the keyboard's firmware. You also get to choose between the ABS and PBT keycaps. It isn't a wireless keyboard and comes with a USB Type-C cable.

All in all, this is a very neat and fast 60% gaming keyboard.

is the DIERYA 60% keyboard good?

Yes, the DIERYA 60% is a great keyboard. The DIERYA offers a lot of features that are typically only found on more expensive keyboards, such as RGB backlighting, USB passthrough, N-key rollover, and aluminum construction.

Perhaps the most impressive thing about the DIERYA is its build quality. It feels solid and substantial in the hand, and the keycaps are thick and durable.

The aluminum casing gives it a premium look and feel, and overall it just feels like a keyboard that will last for many years of heavy use.

If you are looking for high-quality, feature-rich mechanical keyboard that won't break the bank, the DIERYA is definitely worth checking out.

Are 60% keyboards too small?

Well, that's a matter of personal preference. Some users would find the compactness to be too much and struggle with their typing speed and accuracy. On the contrary, others will prefer them as they save desk space and don't strain their hands.

Most gamers prefer 60% keyboards. The reason is that the majority of the games don't require using the Num-pad or function keys, so they are of no use to gamers.

A smaller keyboard gets rid of the extra keys and comprises only those that are mandatory for gaming. This makes 60% keyboards a preferable option for many pro gamers.

Why are gaming keyboards so small?

Gaming keyboards are so small because they don't contain all the keys like a full keyboard. A mechanical gaming keyboard only contains keys that are vital for gaming, which makes them portable, saves desk space, has an ergonomic design, and improves your gameplay.

60% keyboards, in particular, have 40% fewer keys than a full-size keyboard.

Now you can imagine how much space you'll be saving and how fast you can switch between the keys. Improved reaction time will enhance your in-game skills as well.

Is 60 or TKL better for gaming?

If you ask strictly for gaming, then 60% keyboards take the lead. Not to take anything away from TKL keyboards, but they are more for general use as compared to gaming.

TKL keyboards have basically all the keys except for the 10 Num-pad keys. This is why they are called TenKeyLess. These are mechanical keyboards and would work well for someone who just wants to reduce some desk area but still wants a keyboard with all functionalities.

TKLs are okayish for gaming and will do the job for casual gamers. But if you're someone who plays a lot, then I'd suggest getting a 60% keyboard over TKL as it contains only gaming-required keys.

TKL vs 60% vs Full Sized Keyboards

Below, I'll be writing a short comparison between the three keyboard types. All of them are useful in their domains and are used worldwide by everyone.

TKL Keyboards

TenKeyLess (TKL) keyboards are also called 80% keyboards as they don't have the 10 Num-pad keys. They are mechanical keyboards used by typists, gamers, programmers, and regular users.

They are the best choice if you don't want to lose the primary functions of the keyboard but still want its size reduced.

60% Keyboards

60% keyboards consist of 60% of the keys compared to a full-size keyboard. They usually have 61–62 keys and are heavily used by gamers. You won't get the Num-pad, arrow keys, or function keys but only alphanumeric ones.

They are one of the primary choices for someone looking to buy a gaming keyboard.

You get a great ergonomic keyboard with a small dimension that saves space and is easy and quick to use. Besides, it comes with linear switches, which help even more in gaming.

Full Sized Keyboards

Full-sized keyboards are the old-school veterans that you had on your Pentium 3 or 4 back in the day. Sadly, the popularity of these keyboards is decreasing with the increase of mechanical keyboards.

Those who don't require a full keyboard with 104 keys often prefer either a TKL, 60%, or a 65% keyboard. Anyway, it would be wrong if I said these keyboards don't have a market.

They are still very useful, especially if you do data entry or similar work. Besides, people who have been using full keyboards all their lives find it difficult to switch to a short keyboard like 60% or 65%.

In the end, you are the chief. There are various options to choose from, and all of them are worthwhile. Go for the one you require for your area of work.

Video suggestion (How to Choose the RIGHT Keyboard Size)


So indeed, 60% keyboards are good for gaming. Whether it is performance, ergonomics, design, comfort, speed, or anything else, these keyboards have got you covered.

Yes, you will struggle to play MMORPGs like Genshin Impact with it, but except that, it will be a great partner of yours for FPS/shooting games and other genres.

Not only are they reliable, but you can easily carry them anywhere. Besides, they have great options for customization to make the keyboard look really cool! Who doesn't like to show off their gaming setup?

And with that, it's the end of this guide. I cover similar content related to keyboards and switches. If you're searching for a reliable platform to get all the relevant information, then look no further!

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