July 7, 2023

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"Great switches and amazing keyboards" pretty much sums up Akko's reputation. While on the other hand, Keychron? Well, they don't manufacture switches but their keyboards are extremely popular.

In this article, I will be doing a very exciting comparison between the two amazing boards Akko 5075S vs Keychron V1 , keeping all the important aspects into consideration. 

Akko 5075S vs Keychron V1

The Short Answer: The V1 is Keychron's flagship mechanical keyboard while the Akko 5075S is one of the best from Akko. In short, both of them are extremely good keyboards. However, the 5075S surpasses V1 because of its higher compatibility, gasket-mounted build, and enhanced typing experience.  

In the Box

Both keyboard boxes contain pretty much everything you will need to use and maintain your keyboard. However, their contents slightly differ because of the different natures of these boards.

Keychron V1: In the box, you'll find your Keychron V1 75% keyboard, USB-C to USB-C cable and adapter, keycap and switch puller, 3x Windows keycaps, screwdriver, 6x extra screws, hex key, and user manual.

Akko 5075S: The box contains your brilliant Akko 5075S keyboard, a poly-carbonate plate for switches, a thick dust cover with Akko's logo, 4x rubber gaskets because this keyboard is gasket mounted, an extra metal knob, a switch puller, keycap puller, USB-C to USB-A cable, a full set of keycaps, and user manual.


Connectivity is extremely vital for a good keyboard experience, it ensures lower latency and good portability as well.

Keychron V1: The keyboard only supports wired connection through a detachable USB-C cable. It has a latency of about 11ms.

Akko 5075S: The Akko 5075S keyboard can also be used through a removable USB-C cable only. Wireless connection is available in Akko 5075B.


Let's suppose you use your keyboard on Windows every day. One day your boss asks you to switch to macOS or Linux for a project, and your keyboard stops working, how will you feel?

Obviously, the feeling won't be good. A compatible keyboard can be readily supported by various operating systems.

Keychron V1: The keyboard is compatible with Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems. It is not supported by devices running on Android or iOS.

Akko 5075S: The keyboard is compatible with systems running on Windows, MacOS, and Linux. On top of that, it supports mobile devices using Android and iOS as well. 

Build Quality

The stronger and sturdier the keyboard, the longer it will last. Hence, you must consider the build quality of a keyboard before buying it.

Keychron V1: With a solid steel base, translucent plastic frame, rubber feet, and top-quality double-shot PBT keycaps, The Keychron V1 has a very stable build quality.

Akko 5075S: The Akko 5075s provide surprisingly good build quality. It is made of plastic but still feels solid and well-made. The case is thick and strong with PBT keycaps. The keyboard also has a silicon gasket mount to dampen the noise.

Typing Performance

Both keyboards have options for various switches, and both of them are hot-swappable so that you can easily change switches. The typing experience varies from switch to switch.

Keychron V1: The V1 is available with either K Pro Red or Brown switches. The brown switches provide a better typing experience because they are tactile and provide a slight bump on actuation.

Moreover, you can easily use any 3-pin or 5-pin switches with this keyboard as per your preference.

Akko 5075S: By default, it is available with Akko CS Wine white switches or lubed Gateron yellow switches. The overall typing experience of Akko 5075S is pretty satisfying.

It is enhanced by the cushioning and flexibility provided by its gasket mount. And its hot-swappable nature makes it compatible with the 3-pin or 5-pin switches of your choice.

Gaming Performance

These keyboards are not specifically designed to be used for competitive gaming. However, both of them perform quite well if you only game casually.

Keychron V1: The V1 has a bit higher latency, which can be a problem if you are a seriously high-paced gamer. But for casual gamers, it can be more than enough.

Akko 5075S: Again, the keyboard is positively reviewed by many using it for just 'casual gaming'. However, it is not the most optimal for competitive gaming.


Ergonomics plays an important role in keeping your wrists, fingers, and hands healthy even after intense usage for long hours.

Keychron V1: The keyboard has a straight design with a minimum inclination angle of 3⁰ making it easier for the user to reach all the keys easily. The medium and maximum incline is 7⁰ and 9⁰ respectively.

You can attach an external wrist rest for more comfortable usage.

Akko 5057S: It has similar ergonomics to Keychron V1 but has a split design with a knob. The minimum typing angle is 5° which can be changed to 7.5° and 11° as well.
Moreover, it is advised to buy an external wrist rest if you have continual usage for several hours.


RGB lighting has got to be the most appealingly beautiful part of mechanical keyboards. It improves your experience and gives your keyboard the glam it deserves.

Keychron V1: Although it does not support shine-through, the individually-lit keys with south-facing LEDs and impressive color mixing provides a very aesthetic feel to the keyboard.

Akko 5075S: Unlike the Keychron V1, the 5075S has shine-through keycaps and superb RGB style variants making this keyboard extremely beautiful.


Affording an extremely premium keyboard can cost you a fortune. Fortunately, these two keyboards are masterpieces for their reasonable pricing. Both of them come under the medium-low range and are great for you if have an average budget.

Overall Winner

Even though, both keyboards have very similar features and deciding a winner is pretty complex. I will be declaring the Akko 5075S as the overall winner for its better compatibility, gasket mounting, and overall design.

See the Akko 5075S at amazon here. 

Is the Akko 5075S kit hot-swappable?

Yes! The Akko 5075S comes with a hot-swappable PCB mounted. You can easily swap the switches on your keyboard with any 3-pin or 5-pin switches of your choice with no hassle.

Is Akko 5075S north facing?

Yes, the Akko 5075S kit has north-facing LEDs, meaning that they are placed in the northern part of the PCB. On the other hand, the 5075S VIA has south-facing LEDs.

So, it's up to you to decide which PCBA (Printed Circuit Board Assembly) you'll get.

Does the Keychron V1 support 5-pin switches?

Yes, switches on your Keychron V1 keyboard can be swapped with 5-pin switches. You won't have to do any kind of soldering since the board is hot-swappable.

Is Akko 5075S good for gaming?

Gaming experience on the Akko 5075S is highly dependent upon the games you play, and the level of intensity you play at. The keyboard is fast and can be pretty amazing for casual gaming.

However, I would advise against using it if you are a competitive gamer.


How many keys are in Akko 5075S?

The keyboard has a ten-keyless design, with a total of 84 keys and a mechanical knob on the top right. It is also termed as the "75% keyboard". 

Is The Keychron V1 Gasket Mounted?

No, unlike the Akko 5075S, Keychron V1 has a straight and compact design with no gasket mounting. 

Should I get a north-facing or south-facing keyboard?

Nowadays, both types of keyboard are quite abundant in the market. My opinion will be more inclined toward south-facing keyboards mainly for two reasons.

Firstly, unlike north-facing switches, they do not cause any problem with Cherry keycaps and are pretty much compatible with others too.

Secondly, south-facing switches do not cause any scratchy feeling providing you with a very premium user experience.

Is Keychron V1 lubed?

Yes, the default K Pro switches on this keyboard are factory pre-lubed enhancing your experience with reduced spring friction and wobbliness.


Keychron V1 and Akko 5075S are both superb mechanical keyboards with pretty much the same features to offer. This was a very close comparison where both keyboards proved their worth.

However, I would recommend the Akko 5075S more due to its higher compatibility, affordable price tag, and enhanced typing experience with the gasket mount.

There is a lot more to discover in the world of keyboards and switches.

For more interesting comparisons and the latest news about the best keyboards, keep visiting TheTechSetup!

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