July 14, 2023

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Akko is a China-based company. It is widely popular for manufacturing the finest gaming peripherals including high-quality mechanical keyboards, and lightning-fast switches.

The Akko 5075S vs Akko 5075B are two pretty similar, and highly regarded mechanical keyboards from Akko.

Akko 5075S vs Akko 5075B

Both keyboards have multiple shared features, such as compatibility, gaming, and typing experience. But the Akko 5075B is far more portable due to its wireless connection support. It's also more comfortable due to better ergonomics. Furthermore, it has better build quality making it more durable.

This does not mean the Akko 5075S is worthless. It is still highly recommended if you are low on budget.

In this comparison I will be thoroughly analyzing what differentiates the Akko 5075B from the Akko 5075S. I will be considering 9 key aspects to decide which of them provides a better user experience.

In the Box

Considering that they both are from the same brand, they come in almost identical packaging with the same content.

Both boxes contain:

  1. Your brilliant Akko keyboard.
  2. A thick dust cover with Akko’s logo
  3. A poly-carbonate plate
  4. 4x rubber gaskets because both the keyboards are gasket mounted
  5. An extra metal knob
  6. Switch puller
  7. Keycap puller
  8. USB-C to USB-A cable
  9. A full set of 84 keycaps, and a user manual.


The most major differentiating aspect between these two keyboards is their connectivity! You can say that the Akko 5075B has three times the connectivity as the Akko 5075S.

Akko 5075S: There is no support for wireless connection, and can only be connected through a detachable USB-C cable.

Akko 5075B: The Akko 5075B supports multi-device and wireless connectivity. You can connect through three different methods:

  1. a wired connection with a USB-C cable
  2. Wirelessly using Bluetooth 5.0
  3. Wirelessly through the multi-host 2.4GHz receiver.

This wireless connectivity set the Akko 5075B apart from its competition making it more flexible, and easy to carry along. 


Both keyboards are compatible with many widely used operating systems, such as Windows, MacOS, and Linux. They are also supported by mobile devices using Android and iOS.

Build Quality

The build Quality of a keyboard is very important, a stronger build ensures that your keyboard can withstand intense usage, and doesn't wear out too quickly.

Akko 5075S: With a sturdy plastic build, thick outer case, PBT keycaps, a silicone gasket mount, and polycarbonate plate the overall build quality of Akko 5075S is quite good.

Akko 5075B: The keyboard comes with a pre-installed aluminum plate which is a stronger alternative to a poly-carbonate plate, however, it can be replaced with a provided poly-carbonate plate as well.

It has double-shot PBT keycaps and a silicone gasket mount. The overall build quality of the Akko 5075B is quite premium for a gasket-mounted keyboard.

Typing Performance

Similar build results in matching typing experience for this keyboard with minor differences. However, the typing experience is subject to individual preference and switches used.

Both keyboards are hot-swappable and compatible with 3-pin and 5-pin switches.

Akko 5075S: It is available with Akko CS Wine white switches or lubed Gateron yellow switches.

Enhanced by the cushioning and quietness provided by its gasket mount, the overall typing experience is pretty good.

Akko 5075B: The typing experience is pretty similar to Akko 5075S with the same gasket-mounted build. However, the sound is a bit thicker and louder due to the aluminum plates. 

Gaming Performance

Both the keyboards do not have a very high polling rate and are not suitable for extremely competitive gaming.

With certain key features such as N-key rollover and compatibility with faster switches, the keyboards can be used for casual gaming. 


Better ergonomics make sure that your hands, and fingers don't hurt even after you use your keyboard for an entire day!

It is very important to consider the ergonomics of your keyboard and care for yourself.

Akko 5075S: The keyboard has a split design with a knob, and a bit higher profile which can make it difficult to type for extended hours.

It is better to buy a wrist rest with your keyboard.

Akko 5075B: The keyboard supports adjustment of heights, 5⁰, 7.5⁰, and 11⁰ making it suitable for users of all hand sizes and preferences.

However, it is still advised to buy a wrist rest for even better ergonomics. 


I've said it before and I will say it again, "RGB backlighting is the true charm of mechanical keyboards."

It improves the aesthetics of your board, making it more pleasant to use.

Akko 5075S: The shine through RGB backlit keys makes this keyboard a marvelous sight to look at.

There are several RGB style variants, you can easily switch between.

Akko 5075B: Although the keyboard has backlit keys, they do not shine through and are a bit dimmer than Akko 5075S.

You can dynamically customize the RGB style,


Both keyboards justify their reasonable pricing. The Akko 5075B has a higher price than the Akko 5075S.

You should go for the latter if you have a tight budget. 

Overall Winner

You get almost the same features in these two keyboards, but better connectivity, enhanced ergonomics, and stronger build quality make the Akko 5075B the overall winner!

This keyboard, in general, is more comfortable to use, durable, and portable.

See the Akko 5075B at amazon here.


Is the Akko 5075S worth it?

Yes absolutely! It shares a lot of amazing features with the Akko 5075B and has a great typing experience, a reasonable price, and a great look.

It is still a better choice to opt for if you want great features with a tight budget. 

Is the Akko 5075 any good?

Yes! Great build quality, amazingly smooth typing experience, and beautiful RGB backlighting are some of the really good features of the Akko 5075S.

The Akko 5075 is definitely good!

Akko 3098B vs Keychron K4: Which is better?

Both mechanical gaming keyboards are enriched with extraordinary features. Both support multi-device wireless connectivity and are compatible with numerous operating systems. Moreover, they both the RGB backlight support.

But the Akko 3098 is the better of the two for having a superb gaming experience, great typing experience, and fewer issues in connectivity which are quite common with K4.

Akko Mod 008 vs Keychron Q2: Which is better?

The budget keyboards have a similar design with a knob at the top right, but Akko Mod 008 is gasket mounted while the other is not.

However, out of these two, I will be more inclined towards Keychron Q2.

Q2 has north-facing LED keys providing an overall amazing RGB light experience, and the associated software of Keychron is far more customizable and advanced than Akko's.


Akko mechanical keyboards have a massive influence on the community, and they are highly popular. In this comparison, Akko 5075B overpowered Akko 5075S due to its versatile connectivity options, durable build, and comfortable ergonomics.

On the other hand, Akko 5075S is highly recommended if you have a tighter budget, and are comfortable with wired usage.

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