July 11, 2023

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Looking for the best linear switches for typing? Do you crave the satisfying click-clack sound that makes your fingers dance across the keyboard effortlessly?

Look no further, I have done all the market research and come up with 6 of the best linear switches that you can get as a typist.

Best Linear Switches For Typing

The Cherry MX Reds are one of the best linear switches for typing as they are the perfect combo of fast and smooth. If you're an avid typist, this switch is bound to impress you.

Secondly, linear switches like Gateron Yellow and NovelKeys Cream are also top choices for typing.

After going through the switches, I will also review my top linear switch keyboard that you can use for both typing and gaming purposes 

Some Common Frustrations With Linear Switches

Linear switches, while responsive and satisfying to type on, aren’t for everyone. Here are a few common gripes people have with these switches:

The lack of tactile feedback can be frustrating for some. Without that bump, it can feel like you’re typing into the void. If you prefer a switch with a more defined actuation point, linear probably aren’t for you.

Best Linear Switches For Typing

The uniform and consistent keypress of linear switches provide little sensory stimulation. Those who prefer more dynamic, variable switches may find linears uninteresting.

But still, these switches have dozens of benefits as well. They are good for typing and excellent for gaming. So, if you're looking to spend some bucks on them, it won't go to waste. 

Best Linear Switches For Typing

The Cherry MX Red switches are linear switches known for their fast actuation and ultra-light touch. With an actuation force of only 45 grams, these switches barely push back as you type. Your fingers will fly across the keyboard without fatigue.

1. Cherry MX Red

The linear slide means the force is consistent from the top to the bottom of the key press. Unlike tactile switches, there is no bump to overcome halfway down.

Best Linear Switches For Typing

The low actuation point also means less distance for your fingers to travel to register each key press.

For some, the light touch can lead to accidental keypresses and typos. The lack of tactile feedback does not provide the reassuring bump that each key has been pressed.

However, for gaming and fast typing, the quick actuation and minimal resistance of Cherry MX Red switches are ideal.

2. DUROCK Silent Linear

The DUROCK Silent Linear switches are designed for gamers and typists looking for a smooth, quiet keystroke.

Linear Switches For Typing

These linear switches have a straight travel path with no tactile bump, allowing for fast, uninterrupted keypresses.

With an actuation force of 62g, the DUROCK Silent Linear switches give you a medium-heavy touch and quick response time without feeling too sensitive or mushy.

The built-in rubber pads help silence the keys, reducing noise by over 50% compared to standard mechanical switches.

Even during intense gaming sessions or late-night typing, you won’t have to worry about disturbing those around you.

In terms of build, these switches provide a premium feel at an affordable price. They use strong and lightweight materials giving a sturdy and light feel.

For gamers and typists seeking a balance of speed, silence, and longevity, the DUROCK Silent Linear switches check all the boxes. 

3. Gateron Yellow

Gateron Yellow switches are praised for their smooth, consistent keypress and quick response time. They are also on the heavy linear switches side with a bottom-out force of 60 g.

Gateron Yellow Switches

The linear action means no bump or clicks on the downstroke or upstroke and just a straight press down to the bottom. This makes them ideal for gaming, typing or any task requiring fast, repetitive keypresses.

If you're looking to build a custom keyboard on a budget, Gateron Yellows are an affordable alternative to Cherry MX Red switches.

They provide a similar linear feel and performance at a lower cost.

Gateron switches are also manufactured to tight tolerances, so you get a high-quality key switch for your money.

4. Cherry MX Black

With an actuation force of 60 g, the Cherry MX Blacks have a heavier press than most other switches. This means you have to apply quite a bit of pressure for the keystroke to register. As a result, you get fewer accidental keypresses and a more solid feel.

Cherry MX Blacks have a travel distance of 4mm before bottoming out. The longer travel distance provides a smoother keypress motion.

However, it also means you have to press the key down quite far for it to register, which some find undesirable. Overall, the Cherry MX Blacks offer a smooth linear feel for those who prefer heavier switches and less noise.

They may not be suitable for some, but for those who enjoy the solid, sturdy feel of the Blacks, they can make a great choice for gaming, typing, or other keyboard use.


The EVERGLIDE AQUA KING switches come with 55 g, 62 g, and 67 g variants. They feature a smooth, consistent keypress with no tactile bump.


The housing is made of durable polycarbonate with an IP56 water resistance rating, making it great for gaming in any environment.

The switch comes pre-lubed to reduce friction, resulting in a super smooth keystroke right out of the box. No need to spend time modding or tuning these switches unless you want an even lighter touch.

Rated for up to 100 million keystrokes, these durable switches will provide responsive, linear performance for years of intense gaming.

6. NovelKeys Cream

These switches have a light, airy feel thanks to their shorter travel distance and an actuation force of 55 g. The linear action is consistent and cushioned, with no tactile bump to overcome. 

For fast, effortless keystrokes, the NovelKeys Cream switches are a great choice. They reduce fatigue over long typing sessions and are satisfying to press.

They are not the loudest linear switch but do have an audible sound. If you prefer a silent switch, these may not be for you. However, many find the sound crisp and pleasant.

Overall, the NovelKeys Cream switches provide a light, airy linear feel that’s perfect for gaming or long hours of typing.

While not the most budget-friendly switch, their smooth, consistent action and premium build quality make them worth the investment for linear switch fans. 

What is the best linear keyboard for typing?

The K70 RGB TKL keyboard is one of the best and most used keyboards with linear switches by typists. It is a ten-key-less (TKL) keyboard powered by the hyper-processing technology of Corsair Axon.

Corsair K70 RGB TKL keyboard

This one comes with multiple switch options. You can get the Cherry MX Reds, Cherry MX Silents, Cherry MX Speeds, and OPX Optical switches. 

What Is The Best Linear Keyboard For Typing?

Moreover, it has double-shot PBT keycaps which are wear-resistant. The power iCUE software makes the keyboard even greater as you can set key macros, change RGB lights, and so on.

Also, the aluminum frame of the keyboard ensures the keyboard lasts for a long and doesn't break into two pieces after falling.

All in all, it is an excellent buy if you have enough budget and don't want to compromise on the quality.


Are linear switches good for typing?

Yes, linear switches are a great option for typing. Their smooth keypress and lack of tactile bump provide fast, unimpeded keystrokes perfect for repetitive tapping and rapid double-tapping.

Popular linear switch options for typing include Cherry MX Black, Gateron Yellow, and Cherry MX Reds.

Moreover, you can either get a mechanical keyboard that comes with linear switches by default or you can buy these switches to replace the other ones if you've got a hot-swappable board.

Which switch is best for gaming and typing?

Cherry MX Reds are the best switches for both typing and gaming thanks to their short travel time and fast actuation.

I have used them personally for both these purposes and they did33 not disappoint by any means. However, if you're someone who makes a lot of typos, then these switches might not be the ideal fit.

This is owing to the fact that they are pretty fast. I'd suggest you get Cherry MX Blacks if this is the case with you. 

Are heavier switches better for typing?

Yes, while gamers prefer a lighter switch for fast clicks. Typists on the other hand prefer something a bit heavy. Heavier switches have a better feel when it comes to typing.

This is also the reason why many suggest using tactile or clicky switches for typing. But if you want a heavy linear switch, then Cherry MX Black is your best bet.

What are the fastest switches to type on?

If you want something ultra-fast for typing or gaming, then the Cherry MX Silver Speeds are a good option. Many pro gamers use speed switches as each second matters in gaming.

At the same time, typists don't prefer switches like these as they are prone to making mistakes.

Now, if you want something good for both typing and gaming, Cherry MX Reds, Cherry MX Blacks, and Gateron Yellows are great options.


We hope this article has helped shed some light on the best linear switches for typing and given you a better insight into what is available.

Linear switches are great options if you’re looking for speed and responsiveness, and each one comes with its own unique benefits.

Whether you’re after a switch that offers smooth keystrokes or one that provides superior durability, there’s something out there to suit your needs.

On TheTechSetup, I cover more keyboard and switch reviews like this. So, make sure to keep in check!

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