March 10, 2023

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Are you in search of the best Akko linear switches? Congrats! You've landed on the right page.

I know some people wouldn't want to read each and every word, so here's a quick explanation of the Akko CS Silver, which I believe to be the best of the lot, With an actuation distance of just 1 mm, it's one of the most rapid switches that you can get.

Best Akko Linear Switches

Gamers love it, and you'd know why. Besides being speedy, these switches have a good build and are bound to last for 60 million keystrokes.

There's also room for customization with the LEDs and SMDs. Moreover, they aren't very expensive.

Below, I'll elaborate on the details even more.

Some Common Frustrations with Akko Linear Switches

Like their other linear counterparts, the Akko linear switches are silent as well. They aren't entirely noiseless, but they make less sound as compared to tactile or clicky switches.

Someone who loves a clicky switch might not like them.

However, these switches have a quick actuation time, consistent response, and a smooth feel on every keystroke.

Difficulty Choosing The Best Linear Switch For You

There are hundreds of linear switches out there if we consider every brand. And if we only look at Akko, then again you'll find many options. So, making a choice can be hectic for someone who is looking to buy a linear switch for the first time.

For this very reason, I've done all the research and compiled a list of the 5 best Akko linear switches to make the job easier for you.

They are trustworthy, worthwhile, long-lasting, and won't break the bank

Akko CS Crystal Blue

Actuation Point: 1.6 mm
Total Distance: 4.0 mm
Actuation Force: 40 g
Lifespan: 60 million keystrokes
Best for: Gaming and Typing

Akko CS Crystal Blue

The CS Crystal Blue is from Akko's Custom Series and has a polycarbonate build. It has 3-pins and an exquisite typing feel. The actuation point is short at only 1.6 mm, compared to the standard 2 mm on many other switches.

They can be ideal for those who prefer a switch that isn't super fast or super slow. Their total travel time is 4.0 mm, but you won't feel it due to an above-average actuation speed. In addition, a lifespan of 60 million keystrokes guarantees the switches will stay with you for years to come.

Gamers and typists will both like using these switches, as they are a hybrid of heavy and speed switches. If you don't want something like a CS Jelly Black or a CS Silver, then Akko CS Blue Crystal can be your stop.

These are also SMD compatible, which means you can have an LED beneath the switch. This would definitely give it a great look. Furthermore, you have the regular LED slot as well.

People are really in awe of the quality that Akko provides at a price range that is lower than many of its competitors.

These switches are also compatible with the majority of the cross-stem keycaps. You can have the Cherry MX, OEM, SA, or whichever keycaps you like.

Akko CS Jelly Black

Actuation Point: 1.9 mm
Total Travel: 4.0 mm
Actuation Force: 50 g
Lifespan: 60 million keystrokes
Best for: Typing

Alkko CS Jelly

Akko CS Jelly Black switches are the heaviest ones, with an actuation force of 50 g.

They have a 22-mm extension spring that returns a strong rebound.

The actuation point is still less than 2 mm, but only by a fraction. These switches will suit those typists who have heavy hands or those who don't admire a light switch.

Jelly Black requiring more actuation force doesn't mean that its user experience isn't great. If you have used switches like the Cherry MX Red or Cherry MX Brown, then shifting to Jelly Black won't be an issue.

However, if you're someone who regularly uses speed switches or those with a 35–40 g force, then these might not be the right fit for you.

Again, these switches will last up to 60 million keystrokes and are compatible with multiple keycaps. These are also from the CS series and have a polycarbonate bottom.

If you don't like their sound (even though they aren't very loud), you always have the option to lube them. But more often than not, it won't be required. I just mentioned it because you have the choice available. 

Akko CS Silver

Actuation Point: 1.0 mm
Total Distance: 3.0 mm
Actuation Force: 45 g
Lifespan: 60 million keystrokes
Best for: Gaming

Akko CS Silver

The CS Silver is one of the fastest Akko switches. An actuation point of just 1.0 mm combined with a low 45 g actuation force makes it a speed switch that is ideal for gamers.

Gaming requires you to have fast reactions. If you use a clicky or tactile switch while gaming, the actuation point will be around 1.5–2.0 mm, which isn't the greatest.

This is the reason why switches like the CS Silver have become the go-to choice for gamers.

This is a 3-pin custom switch (CS) with an installed dustproof stem. You won't need to lubricate these switches, as they already have a pleasing, dim sound. On top of that, they feel smooth like butter while pressing.

Their high-quality gaming performance is the reason why they are very popular in the gaming community. Other than that, they are budget-friendly too.

You have the option to customize them with LEDs like the other switches mentioned in this post. Also, their MX-style structure allows them to be compatible with most cross-stem keycaps.

The CS Silvers aren't for typists. Having an extremely low actuation point won't prove to be the best for typing accuracy.

Akko CS Jelly White

Actuation Point: 1.9 mm
Total Distance: 4.0 mm
Actuation Force: 35 g
Lifespan: 60 million keystrokes
Best for: Typing and Gaming

Akko CS Jelly White

If you have used Vintage White, then you'll love Jelly White. It is Vintage White's mod version. These switches have polycarbonate at the bottom and a dustproof stem structure.

The actuation point isn't very high, and the force needed to actuate the key is extremely low.

This makes the switch good for gamers and faultless for typists with light hands. These aren't dedicated gaming keys, but they will do the job thanks to their lower actuation force.

Many people prefer them over Vintage Whites, as these are more up-to-date and from the Custom Series. This means that the switch has both LED and SMD support and can be used with different keycaps.

Now that they are white, there's a chance they'll get dusty over time. So, make sure to clean your keyboard and don't leave it dirty for too long.

The inside of the keys won't be affected much by the dust because of the dustproof stem.

The Jelly Whites will last for many years if you are not someone who smashes their keyboard. They have a lifespan of 60 million keystrokes, with the potential to even outlive many people.

Akko CS Wine Red (Lubed)

Actuation Point: 1.9 mm
Total Distance: 4.0 mm
Actuation Force: 43 g
Lifespan: 60 million keystrokes
Best for: Typing

Akko CS Wine Red (Lubed)

The CS Wine Red comes with a lubed variant apart from the standard dry switches.

The lubricant helps reduce the ping and noise of the keystrokes.

These switches have a low actuation force, and the pre-travel distance is just 1.9 mm, making them a fine option for typists.

The users who have been working with these keys believe that their performance has always been good. And to be honest, this is what everyone expects from a brand like Akko.

By default, the switches will be thinly lubricated. Afterward, you can apply more lube according to your preference. The CS Wine Red (Lubed) switches will be more smooth and buttery as compared to other CS switches.

Their durability is second to none, with a 60 million keystroke lifespan. The structure is strong like any other Akko switch, and likewise, it is compatible with OEM, SA, and MX keycaps.

They are a bit more expensive than the other options but you will get guaranteed quality for your money.

Types of Akko Linear Switches

The Akko linear switches can be divided into 4 categories as follows:

  1. Standard linear switches
  2. Silent linear switches
  3. Low-profile linear switches
  4. RGB linear switches

Let me briefly describe these types below.

1. Standard Linear Switches

The standard or basic Akko linear switches are similar to the linear switches offered by other brands. They have a consistent keystroke with no tactile bump or clicky noise.

2. Silent Linear Switches

The only difference between the silent and standard linear switches is that the former is more silent. If you want a switch that makes close to no sound, then these are for you.

3. Low-Profile Linear Switches

Built for slim keyboards, these switches have a lower height and a shorter actuation distance in comparison to the standard linear switches. However, this doesn't take anything away from their durability.

4. RGB Linear Switches

These linear switches have a translucent housing that allows for more light transmission. They look more dynamic and have a sparkling effect. Ideal for someone who is a fan of RGB lights.

7 Benefits of Akko Linear Switches

Benefits of Akko Linear Switches

Akko linear switches are a hot pick for many mechanical keyboard users, and there are reasons for that. What are they? Let's take a look below.

1. Great Build Quality and Durability

You'll find these switches to be very durable because of some excellent manufacturing. Moreover, they come with a dust-proof stem that keeps the switches from malfunctioning due to the inside structure being dirty.

You can use these switches with your eyes-closed without any worry for 60 million keystrokes.

2. Buttery Actuation

If I say these switches feel like cutting some butter upon pressing, then it won't be wrong. The Akko linear switches are so smooth that instead of stressing your fingers, you'll actually be relaxing them.

3. Budget-Friendly

These switches are a great deal in their price range. Akko doesn't compromise on quality or performance while still keeping cheap pricing. So, for those who are looking to save some bucks, then go for these switches.

4. Different Actuation Points and Forces

You can get multiple switch options with Akko. All of them have varying actuation forces and actuation points. If you're into gaming, then getting the CS silver with a 1.0 mm pre-travel and a force of 45 g will be ideal.

Similarly, for typists with heavy hands, the Jelly Blacks will be a fine choice since they are the heaviest Akko linear switches with an actuation force of 50 g.

On the other hand, you can get something like Crystal Blue, which is a good fit for both typists and gamers. So you see, there are many different variants to choose from.

5. Lubing Option Available

Although these linear switches are super smooth, you can make them even smoother with a lubing substance. These switches can be machine-lubed as well as hand-lubed.

If you buy a lubed switch, Akko will do thin-lubing. If you want it thicker, then there's always the liberty to do that yourself.

6. Compatible with Multiple Keycaps

Akko linear switches are compatible with most of the cross-stem (X) keycaps. You have the privilege to go for MX, OEM, SA, or any other ones that you prefer.

7. Built-in LED Slot

There is a pre-installed LED slot in the Akko switches for LED assembly. Furthermore, they are compatible with SMD as well, where you can have an LED beneath the switch.


What is the difference between Akko lavender and jelly?

The Akko Lavender has a matte finish, while the Akko Jelly switches have a shiny top. The latter is also completely transparent from the inside, while the former has a dust cover.

Moreover, the Akko Lavender switches require a lower actuation force and are slightly faster than the Akko Jellies. Both of them are tactile and have a bumpy response.

what is the best sounding akko switches?

If you're looking for the best sounding Akko switches, then the silver ones are definitely the way to go. They have a much brighter and clearer tone than the other options, and they're also incredibly smooth.

The only downside is that they're a bit more expensive, but they're definitely worth it if you want the best possible sound.

What is the fastest Akko switch?

The CS Silver is the fastest Akko switch, with an actuation distance of just 1.0 mm and a total travel distance of only 3.0 mm. On top of that, it requires only 45 g of force to actuate the switch, making it very swift. 

Are Akko jelly switches linear?

Yes, the Akko Jelly switches are linear. The linear models include:

  • Jelly Black / Jelly Black (Lubed)
  • Jelly Pink
  • Jelly Purple
  • Jelly Blue
  • Jelly White / Jelly White (Lubed)

What is the difference between Akko rose red and Akko silver?

Akko rose red switches have a linear travel with a smooth, consistent feel. On the other hand, Akko silver switches have a tactile bump that provides feedback during use.

They're both designed for gaming and typing, but the Akko silver tend to be more popular among general users and casual gamers.

What is the heaviest Akko switch?

The Akko CS Jelly Black is the heaviest Akko switch, with an actuation force of 50 g. It also has a 22-mm extension spring that returns a strong rebound, so you really feel that the key has been pressed.

These are recommended for those typists who like a heavy switch. They are certainly not the best choice for gamers. 

Are Akko purple switches good for gaming?

Akko Lavender or Jelly Purple are tactile switches. They won't perform the best in high-intensity gaming because of their higher actuation distance.

Besides, they are a bit noisy, so this might be disturbing as well.

If you're not a regular gamer, then playing with these won't be an issue. But for serious gaming, I recommend going for linear switches. Akko CS Silver or similar switches will be ideal here.


This was all about the 5 best Akko linear switches. All the options are preferable and will provide the performance you expect from them.

They are durable, smooth, consistent, affordable, long-lasting, and whatnot. Akko linear switches have all the required boxes checked for a good switch.

Just for a reminder, do give a thought to the Akko CS Silver as I consider it to be the perfect starting point. You get a speed linear switch with a low actuation force, a very consistent response, and a strong build.

In the future, I'll be doing more reviews like this. Make sure you stay connected and keep learning more about keyboards and switches.

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